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Sep 22, 2017 . I sanded some tired looking teak when we bought my wife's boat last year. Since then it's had two or three coats of teak oil and still looks good. The gunnels of my last boat were thick wood and were sanded once every three years. A coat or two of teak oil at the start and end of the season kept them looking..

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Mar 14, 2016 . We get scrubbing to find out what effect a variety of teak cleaners have on the woodwork of a Sigma 38 moored on the River Itchen. . Others recommend pressure-washing the teak but again, this can cause major damage to the wood and should be avoided. You can read more on how to preserve your..

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Hardly ever oil a teak deck. Teak does not need oil to maintain its quality, it has oil built in. A deck that has been exposed to the sun for 10 years without maintenance and has that white bleached look, has beautiful oily wood less than 1/100th of an inch below the surface. If you have just cleaned the deck (see below) and..

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Tip Top Teak's Wood-Oil Sealer is designed to seal and product clean teak. Easy to use; Lasts Extra Long; Restores and protects teak and other woods; Adds luster and beauty to your deck. For over 30 years Tip Top Products has been producing quality products for the care and protection of your marine craft. Our Tip Top..

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Nov 5, 2015 . Does your boat have a teak interior? Follow these reader-suggested steps to keep it gleaming

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Apr 29, 2005 . I've always felt that the prime directive with boats is to do everything you can to keep water on the outside. Teak is a wonderfully tough wood. It looks great either treated or if left to weather in its natural state so it develops a silvery gray patina. The trouble is that contamination and dirt airborne, waterborne..

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Apr 7, 2016 . Fortunately, if tackled correctly, teak decking cleans up remarkably easily and effectively. Get it right and you'll restore the beauty of real wood. Get it wrong and you'll end up with a patchy deck of different hues. Here our Born Again Boater Nick Burnham runs you through a tried and trusted method that is..

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Probably nothing can make or break the appearance of a fiberglass boat more quickly than the appearance of the exterior teak trim. Contrary to popular belief, teak is not a maintenance-free wood that can be safely ignored and neglected for years at a time. Though teak may not rot, it can check, warp, and look depressingly..

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Jun 24, 2013 . When boat teak is left untreated the wood will turn a silvery grey. Many people like to see this natural discolouration, but the colour is actually caused by mould and mildew that feed off the natural oil in the teak. Teak owners really should consider killing these spores as prolonged eating away of the wood..

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Cleaning & protecting teak. Teak is the most common wood found on pleasure boats, although many wouldn't use the word pleasure in the same sentence as teak. Teak wood contains natural oils which help prevent it from rotting or deteriorating in the marine environment. Unfortunately, these oils also cause teak to turn..

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Jul 29, 2016 . MarineCorp JustTeak See How To Clean Protect and Finish your Boat's Teak Decking

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This is the active ingredient in most single-part teak cleaners. Wet the teak and sprinkle on the cleaner. Spread it evenly with a Scotchbrite or bronze wool pad, then give it a few minutes to work. While the wood is still wet, scrub it with the Scotchbrite pad or bronze wool. (Never, ever, ever use steel wool aboard your boat it..

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Dec 6, 2016 . Make sure your teak deck is clean and dry before applying any protective coating. Before you wax your car, you make sure it's clean and dry. The same should be true with your teak boat decking. You'll want your protective coating to be fully immersed in the wood, and that requires a debris- and.. : TotalBoat Teak Wood Cleaner (2 Quart) : Sports .

TotalBoat Teak Cleaner is a complete teak cleaning solution for your boat's teak, your teak outdoor furniture, and just about anything made of teak wood. When teak is exposed to the elements without a finish, or has been oiled or stained, the surface turns a dirty gray over time. Mildew usually develops. Whether we are..

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This two-part teak wood restoration system cleans and brightens, removing stubborn dirt, salt, stains, and mildew to restore teak's natural, golden color

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May 9, 2017 . Shop, read reviews, or ask questions about WEST MARINE Heavy Duty Teak Cleaner Kit at the official West Marine online store. Since 1968 . Tips on applying marine spar varnish to your boat's brightwork . Best Uses: 10Wood surfaces: 2Heavy fouling areas: 1Decks: 1Boat Decks: 1Teak Restoration

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There are different types of teak oil. Many oils are treated with UV filters, mildew fighters and other additives to protect your teak. Most teak oils use a base of either linseed or tung oil. Linseed is cheaper, but will darken your wood. Tung oil is more expensive, but it is also water-resistant. Paint on several coats of the oil of..

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Dec 28, 2011 . While the greying of teak is not only natural but the fantastic way of teak actually protecting itself, all the dirt from the cities, in the air, coming down..

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Jan 26, 2016 . The fact that boat manufacturers are now turning to plastic teak to deliver the appearance of wood without the maintenance says a lot. In general, the alternatives to oil and resinbe it teak oil, sealer or varnishare synthetic coatings that are easy to apply and dry to a low- or no-gloss finish. These coatings.. : TotalBoat Teak Oil 32 Ounces : Sports & Outdoors

TotalBoat Teak Oil restores and protects teak wood. Exterior teak wood trim leads a hard life at sea. The elements conspire to weather its finish to a mottled gray. TotalBoat Teak Oil preserves the natural color and beauty of teak. Boat applications include decking, flag poles, handrails, molding, mounting brackets, storage..