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Mar 20, 2013 . Changing joist span, depth, and spacing has a dramatic effect on deck strength. This table compares requirements at both minimum (50 psf) and elevated (70 psf) design loads. Cost estimates and framing layouts are provided for comparison only; actual costs will vary for different markets

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*Joists may cantilever up to ¼ of the actual adjacent span. For example, a 2 x 12 joist placed 16 OC. spanning 16'-6 between supports may cantilever up to an additional 4'-1 ½ for a total maximum length of 20' -7 ½. Southern Pine Deck. Beam Maximum Spans*. Lumber. Size. Total Deck Joist Span (including cantilever)

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Five basic components make up any deck: decking, joists (and when attached to a house, a ledger), beams, posts, and footings. To ensure that a deck is safe and . Joists. The required width of a joist depends on its spanhow far it must travel between beams or between a beam and a ledger. It also depends on the joist..

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Feb 11, 2011 . The below deck span table is from the American Wood Councils prescriptive deck design guide based on the structural studies on decks at Virginia Tech and Washington State. I prefer to use this span table when designing decks. 40 psf Live, 10 psf Dead. No.2 or better, O/C, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, 2x12

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When it comes to sizing floor joists, traditionally builders do this by first looking up the two most critical design properties for the intended wood (fiber strength and the modulus of elasticity) and then use these two values in what are referred to as "span tables". Typical, floor joist "span tables" list maximum distances a..

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4 DECK DESIGN GUIDE. 2'-0" max. Joist "A". Beam "B". Optional overhang. Blocking. Footing "D". Post "C". (Min. span = 6'-0" with overhang) overhang. Joist span. Joist span. Optional overhang. 2'-0" max. (Min. span = 6'-0" with overhang) overhang. 2'-0" max. Blocking. B. C. D. A. Footings, Beams, Joists, and Posts

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The maximum distance between footings is determined by the size of your joist material. Here is a list of some common joist sizes and maximum spans. A span is the unsupported distance between two posts. A cantilever is the unsupported end of a joist that extends past the last support post at the edge of your deck

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A safe, long-lasting deck needs proper footings and solid framing. Here's what . See the complete deck project from design to finishing touches at .. If you're installing parting boards in the middle of the deck, start marking the joist spacing from the center of the beams working toward the end joists

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RESIDENTIAL DECKS. INFORMATION SHEET. Joist Span. Based on No. 2 or better wood grades. (Design Load = 40#LL+10#DL, Deflections=L/360). Ponderosa Pine. Southern Pine. Western Cedar. 12OC 16OC 24OC 12OC 16OC 24OC 12OC 16OC 24OC. 2X6. 9-2. 8-4. 7-0. 10-9. 9-9. 8-6. 9-2. 8-4. 7-3. 2X8

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Most of these common species are listed on deck span tables along with the required information to select the proper size. . Joist Sizes. The following are the maximum spans that should be used for yellow pine, which is typical of most treated lumber. For southern yellow pine . Ideas for Deck Designs: Deck Joist Span..

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Once you have determined the basic design of your deck, the next step is to choose your materials. . The size and species of the decking you choose will determine the spacing between your joists. . In most cases, you'll want to determine the spacing between beams first, then use a joist size appropriate to that spacing

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JOIST SPAN a, e, f. Based on No. 2 or better Southern pine lumber (also known as Southern Yellow Pine). Design Load = 40 lb/sqft Live Load + 10lb/sqft Dead Load = 50lb/sqft Total Load, Deflection = L/360. Ratio of back span to cantilever span = 2:1 minimum. A full-depth rim joist is required at cantilever end of joist

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authority having jurisdiction; however, connections equivalent to those shown for lumber or span rated decking are assumed. JOIST SIZE. The span of a joist, L, ... or greater than joist depth if joist hangers are used (see Figure 6, Option 3). 5. Beam span prescriptively limited to 18'-0" for footing design. Figure 3. Beam Span

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Plan Review (Structural, Electrical, Zoning). Inspections. Framing is required if applicable (decks < 4 feet in height). Prior to designing your deck, read this publica- tion thoroughly and pay close attention to each applicable detail. Once you have selected the size of your deck, use the joist and beam span tables to determine..

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design and build safe decks. A PDF . implied warranty with respect to the suitability, design or performance of lumber for a particular project or structure. .. Use Table 3 to determine Southern Pine joist spans based on lumber size and joist spacing. Refer to Table 4 for Southern Pine deck beam spans (LB) . Joists may bear..