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Trenz Homes is proud to challenge industry standards and traditions to change how we build in New Zealand. Partnering with Trade . MAXRaft is fully engineered and suitable for most sites, so whether you are using a lightweight cladding, exterior bricks or stone cladding, they can come up with a solution for you

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With the Qwickbuild system no penetrations are made in the cladding or waterproof membrane during deck installation ensuring effective weathertight . The QwickBuild structural framing system designed and developed by Kiwi company Outdure to support and integrate decking, structural tiles and turf, solves this..


Palliside weatherboards are a solid, smart looking cladding, which provides the natural shadow-lines and . Designed and manufactured in New Zealand specifically for the rigours of this country's unique climate . Subject to the above product information, if Palliside is used and installed according to Dynex's published

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CLIP FIXED DECKING: Ampelite sheeting matching clip-fixed deck profiles shall be installed in conjunction with the main cladding and should be side lapped with overlaps on both sides (Ampelite sheets have 2 female laps). Fixing of sheets should be carried out in the same manner and practice as those stated for positive..

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Jul 31, 2015 . 3.1 In the opinion of BRANZ, the Pro-Joist Saddle Flashing if designed, used, installed and maintained in accordance with the . This is an Appraisal of an Acceptable Solution in terms of New Zealand Building Code compliance. Technical . once the cladding, decking and scribers have been installed

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The New Zealand Building Code requires that decking on the main access route to a building must have a slip resistance of 0.40. Grip tread timber decking will conform to this requirement. If not on the main access route then the decking can be installed smooth face up. To help you make an informed decision, I list below..

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At Abodo Wood we craft timbers with lasting beauty that are safe for people & the environment. Our range includes cladding, decking & exterior construction tim

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Mar 28, 2003 . that the technologies associated with the installation of certain alternative cladding systems are different and ... have a relatively short lifespan, especially when exposed to high levels of ultra violent radiation and ... penetration through claddings, wall and roof junctions, and enclosed decks all need to be

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Yes, Futurewood Decking can be painted or stained with the appropriate materials however the product has been designed to offer a low maintenance solution with long lasting colour pigments and UV protection. The colour will initially weather slightly over the first 8-12 weeks of installation while the colour "beds in" and..

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All profiles are BRANZ approved, we have a step by step installation guide in our technical manual plus a range of detail dings available. . "ALL NEW" DETAILS AVAILABLE PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL ULLTRACLAD REPRESENTATIVE OR ALTERNATIVELY SEND US AN EMAIL TO GET YOUR COPY NOW !!Nuraply 3PM Roofing Membrane Installation Manual - Nuralite

Dec 8, 2016 . December 2016. Nuraply 3PM. Roofing Membrane. Installation Manual. Nuralite Waterproofing Limited 2016 Edition 8 ... designer of the substrate should take into account the intended use of the roof or deck to .. adhering onto Enertherm PIR insulation panels substrate. With heat.. Roofing Systems Section 5 - Calder Stewart Roofing

Calder Stewart Roofing - Technical Literature Series v1.2.1 - Published: 11/2015 Roofing Systems. Metal Roofing Systems. 2. General Use. 2. Fixings or . Installation on to Roof Cladding. 12. Figure 26: Load ... Full test information is available from Alsynite NZ Ltd. Topglass Solar, Optical and Ultra Violet

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Jun 10, 2012 . to watch the complete 14 video series on installing metal roofing. . not compress the laps i.e more leaks - it is against manufactures installation instructions i.e voids the warranty - in New Zealand and Australia you would instantly get the sack and be liable to replace the whole roof

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Having trouble installing Shadowclad visit to view the installation of common Shadowclad junctions. Shado w clad. pR oduct. R an . 4. CHH WoodproduCts | sHadoWClad | 0800 326 759 | TABLe 1: SuRFACe FInISHeS. Natural. Ultra. Texture. Texture Groove

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General Guidelines for Deck Installation. 4. Plank Board Installation. 6. QuickCap Installation. 8. Cladding & Endcap Installation. 9. General Guidelines for Rail Installation. 10. Railing Installation: Method 1. 12. Railing Installation: Method 2. 14. Railing Installation: Fusion . 16. Cleaning and Warranty. General Guidelines..