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The initial certification stamp by the wood supplier is there to justify that is process has been utilized. Atlanta International Packing and Crating only purchases heat treated lumber with the heat treated stamp. Atlanta International is audited every month by Timber Products. During the audit we have to account for every board..

Universal Forest Products: Heat Treated Pallets

Universal Forest Products is your single source for heat-treated lumber, pallets and other wood packaging materials used in international shipping. Choose from . shipping containers and custom packaging services, or bring us your existing stock of new materials for heat treatment, even if it comes from another manufacturer

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The IPPC mark is applied to a minimum of two opposite sides and certifies that all solid wood has met the heat treatment requirement. WPM Stamp (R) Q: I have IPPC marked wood packaging from another manufacturer, can I repair it/reuse it, or build on to it? A: You can reuse certified wood packaging so long as you do not..

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Boone Valley helped one of our excellent customers ship their products to Ghana! All of the crates were produced from ISPM-15 compliant material, and recieved the IPPC export crate stamp. We can help your company navigate the heat treated export lumber regulations too! Just give us a call! Serving Customers..

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Get the ISPM 15 Heat Treated Wood HT Stamp for your wood products to comply with export and international shipping IPPC regulations. Buy your materials through us or have your materials heat treated at our facilities

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We respect the strictest international heat-treatment standards that annihilate any larvae or parasites in the wood we use

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Inclusion of this certification number ensures that the wood packaging material can be traced back to the treatment provider and/or the manufacturer. YY: represents the treatment applied to the wood packaging material: HT is the code for heat treatment to a minimum of 56 °C (133 °F) for a minimum of 30 minutes; MB is the..

Kentuckiana Wood Products

Established in 1978, Kentuckiana Wood Products is a pallet manufacturing corporation with high integrity, solid growth, and effective management. We manufacture custom designed pallets to fit your specialized needs. If you need a small pallet or a large pallet, and / or you need to have pallets heat treated for exportation,..

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Below please find links to a variety of Websites related to the ISPM 15 standard regarding HEAT TREATED WOOD PACKAGING MATERIAL . Re-manufactured heat treated lumber- There are cases when a lumber supplier receives a request for a particular dimension of heat treated lumber that they do not carry or have in..

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Feb 11, 2016 . Valley Box Company. Unfortunately, packaging manufacturers are not legally allowed to sell loose lumber featuring their permitted "ISPM 15 HT" stamp. However, Valley Box can sell lumber stamped ISPM15 HT DUN indicating dunnage that's been heat treated. There are a few key things to keep in mind:

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Pallet crate and industrial lumber heat treating for export compliance and other needs, from Pallet USA in metro Milwaukee. Call 262-673-6090

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Heat treated to a minimum wood core temperature of 56ºC for a minimum of 30 minutes. This is Chicago Export's method. Fumigated . The IPPC stamp can only be used on completed wood packaging by a wood packaging manufacturer, such as Chicago Export Packing. In addition, wood packaging purchased in retail..

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What is Heat Treated (HT) Wood Heat Treated (HT) Wood is widely used in the Packaging and Crating Industry. Heat Treatment is an effort to prevent the introduction of non-native pest's species into native ecosystems. Non-native pest species that live in wood can threaten native forest ecosystems, since a natural..

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Results 1 - 16 of 16 . Custom manufacturer of heat treated lumber. Plywood and drywall include 1/2 in. drywall, lauan, mold and moisture drywall, oriented strand board (OBC), red oak plywood and white birch plywood. Pallets, skids, die cut foams, crates and shipping kits also offered. Aerospace, architectural, automotive..

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Pallet King is a member of the Southern Pine Inspection Bureau and a certified supplier of ISPM-15 Heat Treated lumber. We can design and build any size pallet, crate or box as mentioned above with ISPM-15 compliant Heat Treated lumber to insure your shipments will be accepted for overseas shipping. With Heat..

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Heat treatment is a form of pest control for wood pallets produced in the United States. Using a kiln, pallets are heated to a core temperature that will ensure the safety and cleanliness of your pallets. For industries that require heat- treated pallets, Kamps Pallets maintains an on-site kiln to treat each of our new, reconditioned..

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Heat-Treated Pallets. If you require certification for export allow General Pallet to ensure that your pallets, crates, and boxes are ISPM-15 Compliant. . still ISPM 15 compliant? No. If the pallets have been repaired, they must be re-heat treated. and re-stamped. The old stamp must be obliterated. The supplier. should provide..

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The product then must be labeled with one of the ALSC accredited Agency Quality Marks to show the heat treated WPM is compliant with ISPM 15. .. It is quite possible, even likely, that a significant portion of manufacturers who produce hardwood palletswhich represent over 70 percent of total pallet productionwill find it..

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Fontana Wholesale Lumber has the capability to heat treat and certify pallets; pallet components and dunnage for export. Our heat treat process exceeds all current standards and regulations set by Timber Products Inspection, an approved agency of the American Lumber Standards Committee. Our state of the art kiln..

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Our on-site heat treatment system allows us to treat and stamp your pallets in compliance with the International Standard for Phytosanitary Measures (ISPM 15). We are certified in the Wood Packaging Materials Program (WPM) in accordance with ISPM 15. In addition, Carolina Wood Products is accredited under the..