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10 Eco Building Materials Revolutionizing Home Construction

A new wave of sustainable building materials has emerged - and it's nothing short of extraordinary! Read on for the eco . The GSA found similar efficiency figures, stating that green roofs can act as an insulating layer and reduce heat flux (transfer of heat through a building's roof) by up to 72%. Using the Green Roof Energy..

LEED High Performance Insulating Glass for Green Buildings

Few materials can make a building greener than high-performance glass. And as one of the world's leading producers of architectural glass, Guardian has the products to help your project earn more LEED points. Our SunGuard products offer the largest selection of post-temperable, sputter-coated, and insulated glass in the..

simple nonlinear optimization-based selection of insulation material .


Energy Conserving Windows - Green Building Solutions

Today, plastic rivals traditional materials for windows and frames, providing competitive energy efficiency, aesthetics, design flexibility and cost criteria. . of vinyl window frames further enhances energy efficiency by creating chambers in the frame that provide additional resistance to heat transfer and insulating air pockets

Five Sustainable Building Materials that could Transform .

5. Triple-Glazed Windows. In fact, super-efficient windows would better describe this particular building material. The three layers of glass do a better job of stopping heat from leaving the building, with fully insulated window frames further contributing. In most double-glazed windows, the gas argon is injected between each..

Greenbuild 2013: The benefits of sustainable glass architecture .

Nov 20, 2013 . With more than 60,000 LEED green building projects across the globe, the drive for sustainable building practices is mainstream, but new materials are . After installing OKALUX light-diffusing, insulating glass that provided natural daylighting, the building reduced the use of expensive overhead lights..

Stay Warm and Safe with 4 Types of Green Insulation

Feb 2, 2014 . Luckily, well-placed insulation can prevent the frigid air from getting into the house through your garage and windows. Insulation has . Good insulation should keep your space warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and a green material will make your home both comfortable and eco-friendly. If you're..

Green Materials 101: Your Guide to Green Building, Remodeling .

Oct 22, 2009 . Proper insulation is one of the big keys to a green home, so, even though you don't see it every day, it's important to carefully consider the material that keeps heat . All factors have an impact on how green your home is, and there are a lot of materials to consider to determine how green your windows are

NEW IDEAS FOR GREEN INSULATION | Inhabitat - Green Design .

Thermafleece is a patented sheep's wool insulation material for buildings, produced by Second Nature in northern England. . The great thing about Nanogel is that it is light and transparent, while being extremely insulating so you can use it to create insulating windows and skylights, as well as translucent walls and..

Finding green building products | Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Green building products often use less electricity, use recycled materials, or even keep our indoor air cleaner--reducing our home's impact on the environment

High-Tech Green Building Materials Are Transforming Construction .

Jun 30, 2009 . based Serious Materials, whose high-insulting windows and eco-replacement for drywall have attracted the attention of President Obama and a growing . The building industry has also shown interest because Aspen Aerogels now sells an insulating product for walls, floors and roofs that is three times as..

Energy-Efficient Windows - Green Building Alliance

U-factor: measures how much heat is conducted through a window. This rating may apply to the whole window fixture (glass, frame, spacers, etc.) or only to the glass itself. A low U-factor signifies that a window is well-insulated and therefore more energy-efficient. A rating of 0.30 or below is considered very good

Chapter 6: Materials - Department of Energy

Chapter 6: Materials. Material Selection. Sustainable Building Materials. System Integration Issues . for the LEED Rating System) of Los Alamos, New Mexico. ... uses insulating glass units from a major glass manu facturer. High-performance windows cost more than standard windows. However, reduced lighting require

Sustainable Windows & Doors - Woodland Building Supply

At Woodland Building Supply, we stock eco-friendly windows & doors -- Ready to be delivered in the Philadelphia area. . space between the two pieces of glass, resulting in better thermal performance. Insulated glass also reduces condensation while keeping the heat in during the winter, and heat out during the summer

The BuildingGreen Guide to Insulation | BuildingGreen

Even well informed professionals have knowledge gaps on the material properties of insulation products as well as building science dynamics relating to insulation, moisture, and air barriers. . For each category, we cover key health and sustainability considerations, performance issues, and installation recommendations

Passive solar building design - Wikipedia

Specific attention is divided into: the site, location and solar orientation of the building, local sun path, the prevailing level of insolation (latitude/sunshine/clouds/precipitation), design and construction quality/materials, placement/size/type of windows and walls, and incorporation of solar-energy-storing thermal mass with..

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to creating environmentally sound buildings . Green building combines age-old wisdom; tradition and collaborative design pro- cesses; and modern building science, technology and materials application . Green building structures are energy efficient, conserve resources, create healthier indoor environments and offer..

A Tall Order: Serious Materials to Retrofit Empire State Building's .

Mar 3, 2010 . How do you upgrade the windows in one of the world's best-known buildings without altering the look of the structure or discarding its 26,000 panes of existing glass? That was the challenge for green building materials manufacturer Serious Materials, which has devised a way to super-insulate the 6,514..

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Green Building Store has been supplying pioneering sustainable building products since 1995. We supply a range of specialist products and services for Passivhaus and low energy projects, including triple glazed timber windows and doors, MVHR heat recovery ventilation, insulation, airtightness and water saving..