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A resource for people who left Rhodesia / Zimbabwe. Map, guides, history, African food and art, and stories.

Left-Handers Day

Offers information about the organization, history, language, facts, famous people and left handed products.

Famous Left-Handers

Browse list of notable left-handed entertainers, sports figures, politicians, and others who made history. Fill out a form to submit a new name.


Find left handed, hair, embroidery scissors, and craft scissors, grooming supplies, and hobby tools.

Left-Handed Page, The

Offers information and links, including organizations, research articles, list of famous left-handers, left-handedness in the arts, FAQ, humor, fun facts and trivia.

Lucy - The Margate Elephant

The only remaining example of zoomorphic architecture left in the United States. Photos, history, kid's stuff, and local info.

Pixie King Mens Tribalwear

Funky threads for the urban tribal man, left of center designs with lots of detailing, quality crafting. Understated and casual yet sharp and defined.

Left 'n' Write

Products and courses to help left-handers in a right-handed world.

World War 2 Battlefield Relics

Virtual museum of military relics that were left behind after the battles of WW 2, some from private collections. Includes descriptions and where the relic was found.


Online network that connects people with national, left-leaning, grassroots political organizing.

Recovery from Mormonism

Features stories from people who have left Mormonism for various reasons. Also includes a message board and information on how to get your name removed from the Church.

Are You Left-Handed

Information for left handers, tips for using the Internet. Available in Finnish, with some articles in English.