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Doing some exterior work on a house and trying to decide which material to use? Here's a quick guide on why you probably shouldn't use wood, as well as a look at some of the alternative materials you can use instead. View as Slideshow. Exterior Trim. Make the Switch, Ditch Wood. When it comes to building a house's..

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These properties may offer some advantages for wood to become a candidate for tall building construction as an alternative material. This paper presents an overview of available literature on the use of timber as a potential material for use in tall buildings. Specific properties of wood in offering a renewable material with a..

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Apr 18, 2018 . Steel Wood Industries revealed an unexpected key solution in green building materials not just able to replace concrete as the core building material but can also be used to fully design building structures from the 100% recycled/SWI-stainable wood manufactured in UAE under the name Gusolid-PCS..

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Alternative Building Materials and Methods The buildup of past construction techniques up to our present point in time has denoted wood as being the first and foremost material used to build houses in the United States. Building codes prescribe wood to build homes, because of both its structural benefits and because it is..

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Oct 4, 2016 . Six Eco-Friendly Alternatives. These fixtures, furnishings, and building materials improve traditional products with eco-friendly features. By Selin Ashaboglu. Courtesy Baux. Plank, Baux Plank is a new line of modular, recyclable acoustic wall panels made of wood wool, cement, and water, and designed by..

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current situation in the building sector in SSA and beyond. Keywords: Alternative Building Materials, Building Challenges, Building Stakeholders, Developing. Countries, Policy Strategies. 1. INTRODUCTION. The increasing demand for wood for housing construction is considered to contribute severely to the. adverse..

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And compared with other materials, building with wood saves money by shortening the time needed to complete construction. Grown throughout North America, wood can be locally sourced and is usually less expensive than alternative building materials. Wood building systems typically cost less to install. Wood is readily..

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Sep 19, 2014 . It is very trendy, but why else should we use sustainable building materials in our homes? Here we outline 10 benefits to using sustainable . Advanced framing with wood from sustainable forests is just another great tool to add to your sustainably-built home. Of course, there is always two sides to every..

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Jan 4, 2018 . When you think "sustainability," building with wood isn't necessarily the first thing that comes to mind. But a deeper look at the growing trend begs the question: Could wood be a key sustainable resource of our future? Top 4 Material as Alternatives to Wood in Construction - ProjectLink

Mar 7, 2016 . There are 4 light weighted, fire and heat proof long lasting alternative materials to wood including, wood composites, bamboo, hemp, and stones. . March 7, 2016 by Team ProjectLink Buildings, Knowledge Base alternatives to wood, bamboo, construction, hemp, stone for construction, wood composites