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Jan 2, 2018 . , The Original sheet vinyl pedestrian traffic membrane for waterproofing decks and balconies was developed to solve leak problems 40 years ago

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Jun 23, 2008 . Balconies. A. Flexible Flashing. 1. Guardrail Penetrations a. Vertical to Deck. 13 b. Vertical to Balcony Exterior Wall. 13 c. Horizontal to Wall. 13 d. Exterior Edge. 13 . C. Balcony Deck Fluid-Applied Waterproofing. 1. Detail Work a. .. Apply self-adhered sheet membrane over sheet metal head and jamb..

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Figure A.3 Waterproofing turn-up detail at concrete balustrade wall on balcony. . Every balcony, penetrating the building envelope with scenic window walls, has three main issues to be addressed: thermal bridging, forces at the balcony/slab connection, and ... Image result for glass balustrade membrane roof detail

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Feb 24, 2017 . Typically, concrete is the main material used on balcony decks with placement over a waterproofing membrane and wooden framing. . Rail posts are the most vulnerable spots for water leakage, so any architectural info on this provided to your waterproofing team, the better job they'll do. They'll want to..

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Repair and restoration of balconies can include concrete repair, railing removal/reinstallation or replacement, deck coatings, replacement of caulk and repair of adjacent brick, stucco or other . ERI performed the Installation of thermoplastic waterproofing membrane to elevated balcony decks prior to paver installation

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When balconies are seriously deteriorated, we also perform major balcony repairs such as slab edge and through slab concrete repairs, epoxy coated rebar repair, and full railing replacement. Our deck, balcony, and replacement services include: Waterproof membrane installation; Flashing systems; Waterproof deck..

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Nov 30, 2013 . Conventional balcony construction, consisting of a concrete topping slab over a waterproofing membrane over wood framing, is prevalent in multi-family .. A better design is to secure railing anchors to the deck, stripped into the waterproofing, with an embed plate for welding a railing post, or with a stub..

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screed is installed on a bituminous membrane), make sure the thickness of the layer, which will not be constant, is at least 35 mm. 10. Technical Notebook. WATERPROOFING. TERRACES AND BALCONIES. Fig. 3.7 - Applying TOPCEM PRONTO with a special pump. Fig. 3.8 - Levelling the surface of a TOPCEM PRONTO

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A deck or balcony membrane is a waterproof layer installed to protect the underlying structure from water leakage. . All guardrail connections, either through the membrane or to the wall, should be regularly inspected and maintained to reduce the likelihood of water penetration into the wall assembly or building structure

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Reviews on Balcony repair in Los Angeles, CA - All Weather Construction and Coating, California Decking & Waterproofing, Deck Repair Pros, A & E Waterproofing, Absolute . Cable Railing, Glass Railing, Steel Stairways, Stainless Steel, Wood Stairways, Modern Railing, Design Stairs, Engineering Stairs and Railings

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Feb 12, 2016 . Using a liquid sealant or membrane to fill the bolts threading and to seal the bolts themselves after fastening will give the baseplate a more secure tight fastening. Once the feet are installed the waterproofing membrane and finished coating surfaces should evenly bury the baseplate as clean as you can..

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Special consideration should be given to detailing the waterproofing of: abutments, parapets, edge details, fixing of guarding, projections through the roof, and the interface between the façade and balcony waterproofing. Membrane laps near outlets should not impede drainage. Accessible balcony threshold. Does the door..

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Balcony Waterproofing. . Balconies experience a high rate of leaks, visible damage, and concealed structural damage from their continued exposure to the elements. . they have specific details that needs to be supervise and maintain -topping slabs edges, column penetrations, door sills and handrail connections

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This revolutionary product is made from a first-rate, heat weldable, waterproof membrane. Dec-Tec transforms worn or damaged roof decks, balconies, and sundecks into mesmerizing artistic displays. You simply choose from Dec-Tec Select's array of brilliant colors, and we do the heavy lifting for you. Dec-Tec products also..

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We specialize in the waterproofing of decks, walkable roof decks and powder coated Aluminum Railing systems. Deck and Railing Solutions is a certified installer of waterproof vinyl roof & walking deck membrane, Durarail aluminum railings and Innovative Aluminum Railing Systems. Servicing all of southern..