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Jul 11, 2012 . It's been three and a half months since we planted our raised vegetable garden beds, and they are doing really well. The veggies are so tempting, we had to build a DIY garden fence to keep out one very curious two-year old and two sneaky dogs looking for snacks! Here are the DIY raised garden beds my..

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Building a garden fence can take some time, so it's best to be prepared. Use our easy step-by-step guide to uncover how to build your own garden fence

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An espalier is a living fence created by training small trees into decorative patterns. Here's how to create an . Build an appropriate framework of posts (8 feet apart), a top rail, and heavy-gauge wire horizontal supports. Stretch wire tautly from post to . Related article: Seven Keys to Garden Privacy. A tree is one of the best..

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Jun 10, 2015 . Since we had a bunch of 2 by 2s leftover from a previous project, our fencing cost us very little and helped clean out a wood pile in the garage. Definitely worth the price. (If you're tempted to build one yourself, you may want to consider using the shorter height of chicken wire rolls. Between the raised beds..

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Wattle fences are made by weaving flexible green sapling wood between upright posts, like a wooden tapestry, so they're both beautiful and strong. They were originally used to contain domestic animals, such as sheep. These days, wattle weaving is a great way to build all kinds of useful rustic garden accents from..

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(Michigan Land Use Institute) This Michigan blueberry farm uses an 8-foot fence that slants outward at a 45-degree angle. Seven strands of wire are set every 12 inches and a combination of metal and wooden poles are used. Some strands are electrified. How to Build an Inexpensive Deer Fence. (Jennifer's Garden)..

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Learn about the options available for fencing your garden and get tips for keeping the animals out. . When deciding on the fence height, remember this will affect the opening and closing of your garden. Higher fences .. Check your local building codes or Home Owner's Association regulations before installing a fence

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Apr 18, 2017 . Today, I'd like to share all of the things I've learned and present a four step plan for building gorgeous, nearly deer proof gardens. . Tactic 2: Put up the right kind of garden deer fence . Electric fences are another useful way to keep deer out of the garden, though not all municipalities allow them. Before..

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This basic garden fence may appear to be old and rustic, but you can build a brand new on with the same amount of character. Just follow the steps for a simple log style fence but don't treat the wood. Let it be and it will turn grey like this. And don't forget to add the handy chicken wire to keep out hose pesky critters