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Bake Sale To End Childhood Hunger In America The Great American Bake Sale raises money to help end child-hood hunger. (NAPSA)Do-it-yourselfers, builders and remodelers now have .

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Q: My builder tells me that green-board drywall is the proper backing for a tile shower, but I believe that cement board is better. What do you think Steve Jordan, []

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1 Install green-board drywall in areas subject to moisture, like kitchens and bathrooms, but with hot-dipped galvanized drywall screws and a screw gun rather than standard drywall screws. Place panels vertically or horizontally to best fit the space with as few seams .

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Discover beautiful green bathrooms and how to use those ideas in your home. Soothing and spa-like, a green bathroom is the perfect addition to your home. Join Now Log In Hi, Friend .

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Differences Between Cement Board, Greenboard, and Blueboard Differences Between Cement Board, Greenboard, and Blueboard . Cement boards are best used outside the house as siding or in wet areas inside the house such as bathrooms and kitchens .

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I am building a new home and have a question about wall and ceiling board in bathrooms. My confusion is over where to install normal drywall, .

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Here is your guide to water-resistant greenboard drywall to help you decide if it's something that you'll want to use instead of standard drywall .

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When youre repairing drywall or using green board to install a new wall, youll do it very similarly to how you would regular drywall: . If youre installing water resistant drywall or need help completing any part of your home project, contact your local Mr Mr .

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hello everyone my contractor installed greenboard in my new shower and then tiled over it . after some intensive research on the net i have discovered that the . Green board is not rated for wet areas. It may hold up, but to me it's not worth the risk. Try finding him .

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I'm about to go buy drywall for the bathroom I'm adding in my basement. I had always planned about buying all green board but I figured I would.

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Terms "greenboard" and "green board" are not official and are infrequently seen in company literature or at retailers. . Instead, use greenboard in the large areas of bathrooms, kitchens, and other areas where the drywall may be subjected to lightly damp .

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I've seem a lot of people telling that greenboard drywall SHOULD NOT be used in bathroom and wet areas. However, in Brazil (where drywall is kind of a novelty yet) the manufactures recommend greenb. . Green board is basically sheetrock with a waxy paper .

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on bathroom ceilings yes no Greenboard is fine, but must be 12" OC rather than 16. I have never had a problem . properly painted. I have never had a problem in 30 years. I also do not use green board as a tile backer. Comment Post Cancel : .

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Green board may be more ideal for bathrooms, but it honestly should not matter. Either will mold if the inside of the wall gets wet and stays wet, as will the studs. Be sure they're not installing any sheetrock at all behind conventionally installed tile in the shower or .

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http://www.homebuildingandrepairs . click on this link to learn more about bathroom remodeling and home repairs. If you're looking for a video about green board or a drywall that has a green paper backing over it and you're planning on using it as a tile backing .

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In the case of bathrooms, you'll be using special moisture-resistant drywall commonly called "green board" and in the very wet areas like showers and baths you'll be using moisture-proof backer board. Hopefully, you don't need to replace anything beyond the But .

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Jay - thanks for the great advice (on both posts). We are planning on using the shower surround walls around the shower. So, behind that, what should we use Would the cement board be better than the green board, or do you still have to prime/seal it too You .

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Learn about the differences between gypsum wallboard and green board and why cement board, a lightweight panel, is useful for bathroom applications. . We will be remodeling our bathroom and one of the changes will be to install new tile in the tub area.

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Re: green board vs cement board Who in the heck is still using Green Board anymore, I keep hearing that people are still installing them. I don't know of one person, that has used Green Board in over 10 years. I don't know of one Contractor that has used Green .