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The .020 aluminum is of course not quite as strong as .030, but we say that our .020 aluminum pontoon fence paneling is just right. Easy to work with . You don't need metal working tools to cut it. It's vastly . If you have it on an old boat it is probably cracked and brittle like hard plastic but when new it is a soft flexible vinyl

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May 2, 2017 . Adding a luxury woven vinyl flooring can change the overall appearance of you boat or RV. A luxury flooring will instantly transform your deck into an inviti. . Follow the steps in this video to install this luxury woven flooring yourself and save money. This luxury woven vinyl flooring is ideal for indoor and..

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The Top Snapper canvas snap tool takes the struggle out of snapping your boat canvas! Experienced boaters know that putting up and removing canvas top is seldom easy. Canvas shrinks, snaps corrode, and aligning snaps can quickly become a two person job. The Top Snapper's two stainless steel blades slip over the..

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Love that this snap kit came with the tools to install them. This is a great beginner kit to get you started with canvas projects for your boat or around the house. Hang onto the tool and then you can just order a kit that contains the snaps to replenish your supply. I previously used a hammer, screwdriver and misc. bits to beat..

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Boat cover snaps and fasteners ensure that your boat remains covered when not in use. . Sea Sense Canvas Snap Fastener Installation Tool . We have the DeckMate multi-purpose tool from Ironwood, to assist in prying stubborn broken snaps from the cover, the Top-Snapper which make short work of snap alignment,..

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Our L-brackets fit almost all manufacturers' boat lifts as they adjust from 2-4" wide and 3-6" tall. We can provide specialty L-brackets for larger beams. Follow the simple, easy step-by-step installation guide to attach the hoses and fittings. The only tools needed are a knife to cut the air hose, and a screw driver to tighten the..

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Jul 31, 2014 . But once the moisture damage occurs, the only repair is to replace the affected plywood. Here is a description of a procedure to do that. I will describe floor replacement in a runabout, but a pontoon deck would be repaired in much the same way. The primary difference is that the pontoon deck will be..

Pontoon Boat Shrink Wrapping Kit for Boats up to 29 ft Long

Pontoon Boat Shrink Wrapping Kit for Boats up to 29 ft Long-Pontoon marine shrink wrapping kit includes every supply you need to shrink wrap your pontoon boat. . Everything you need to get started shrink wrapping is included except the heat tool - but you can add that too! . Additional Installation Supplies/Tools

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Once the vinyl is adjusted to the ideal position, install a couple weighted objects (i.e., tool box, adhesive pail, brick) on the membrane at one end of the boat. The weighted objects should be within 24 from the edge of the boat. Starting at the opposite end of the boat, roll the membrane loosely back to the weighted objects

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You can easily install these pontoon boat accessories on your own, again, using simple household tools. Conduct a careful survey of what might need to be repaired or replaced on your pontoon boat. You may need to only make minor modifications, but you may, depending on the condition of the pontoon boat in question,..

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In our 65 plus years in business, we have heard many questions about boat carpet products and their installation. Below are the . You may need a heavy duty utility knife (and extra blades) or sharp strong scissors, sandpaper for the deck, screwdrivers to remove screws and a 1/4 notched trowel to spread the carpet glue

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The Pontoon Water Glide is a fiberglass foam-filled planing hull that mounts under the center of a pontoon boat. It has 700 . If you install a third pontoon on a boat like that you will gain stability and reduce submarining. However . "It's very easy to install, you just need basic tools with no specialty tools required," says Tony

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Quick Release Deck Hinge and Single. Hand Operation. The stainless quick release deck hinge accepts various eye ends for both round and square tubing. The single intelligent latch, incorporated into the deck hinge provides the boat owner with single hand operation. No tethered retain- ing pins to lose or mess with

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To find the width, determine the pivotal mounting point located on each side of the boat. The pivotal mounting point will be approximately at the center point of the top on each side of the boat. After determining where the pivotal mount location will be on each side of the boat, measure the distance between these mounting..

Boat Cover Snaps Repair Tips for the DIY Boat Owner

Boat Cover Snaps Repair the Right Tools for the Job! Visit Our Store. Highlights of Boat Cover Snaps Repair: The DIY Boat Snap Toolkit Essentials; Tips for Installing Boat Snaps in Canvas; Tips for Installing Screw Studs; Tips for Boat Snaps Repair; Other DIY Repair Items..

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The lift assist installation tool is used to lift a boat hoist from the lower framework allowing easy leveling or the addition or removal of wheel kit

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We also needed a metal cutoff tool to remove a small section of metal for more clearance of the rear tube but not everyone will need that. As normal, with any type of install each boat will be unique. The tracks are installed with 3/8 x 1-inch stainless bolts and nylon insert lock nuts in the C-channel cross beams on the boat

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1" Flexible Nylon Webbing- 400 lbs Carrying Capacity. . No Tools Required for Installation. . Stores Easily Under the Seat of Most PWCs. Ladders Come in a Variety of Colors to Match your PWC. . . Windshields. 3/16" Bronze-tinted Plexiglass. . Multiple Sizes to Fit Most Boat Consoles. . Top and Side Mounting..

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New exact fit boat covers require snaps to be added to the cover, Dowco provides a rental snap installation tool for your cover purchase