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Mar 28, 2017 . If you own a wood deck, it should be a source of pride and accomplishment. But part of the package is also responsibility and maintenance so that it continues to be an extension of your home and something you can enjoy for many years. Each spring or fall, inspect your deck for things like wood damage,..

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Use a screwdriver to check decking and railing for rot and replace damaged wood. 2. Install new boards with grain rings curving upwards; this helps keep them flat. 3. To remove stains caused by algae, mildew, and mold, spray deck with environmentally safe cleaner, which requires no brushing or rinsing; stains will..

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The Reality of Balcony Repairs Article written by Jack Carr, P.E., R.S., LEED AP, Criterium EngineersPublished in Condo Media, July, 2015 The word balcony gives rise to thoughts of romance (think R & J) . Older non-cantilevered wood balconies need to be checked for the proper attachment to the building's exterior wall

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Deck Repair. Like any artist or craftsman, we love a blank canvas, but often, an existing deck simply needs a little TLC to get it back into great shape. Decks see a lot of wear and tear - everything from foot traffic, weather, debris, insects and UV light from the sun. Wood becomes loose or cracked. Handrails, steps and..

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It creates the perfect place for entertainment and relaxation. Rotted wood, however, is a major problem and compromises your outdoor living space. Our contractors at Wilson Roofing have been performing Del Valle and Austin area deck repair and waterproofing for more than 30 years. Allow us to resolve issues and restore..

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One of the most common needs for deck repair involves nails popping out of the floorboards. These can not only compromise the integrity of the deck, but they are also a major safety hazard for those walking on the wood in bare feet. The following article will show you both how to fix uprooted nails and how to prevent them..

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Whether your deck is pitted with small nail holes or deeper areas of rot, you can repair the damage with a wood filler product. Similar to an epoxy filler or joint compound, wood fillers come in ..

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Complete this seven-point inspection to identify and fix the most common deck problems. 3. Structural integrity. Make a ding of your deck and list the spans and sizes of the joists and beams. Bring it to the building department at your city hall. An inspector will let you know if the framing sizes and spans are adequate

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Wet deck wood, especially if not properly treated and maintained, tends to break down and rot over time. The rot can spread from the deck boards to the joists and even to the house itself if not remedied. It's important to take care of deck damage earlybefore a minor repair becomes a major one with major expenses!Deck Builders and Repair Contractors | Angie's List

Building a porch or deck takes a decent amount of carpentry skills as well as knowledge of power tool use. For those unfamiliar with construction, it might be best to hire a professional deck and porch builder. This way, you're sure to achieve quality results without putting your safety at risk. While contractors might be able to..

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Steep slope deck repair in Oakland, Ca and other East Bay cities

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Find out how to repair and maintain your deck, including staining, replacing rotten wood, and preventing mold and mildew from forming

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Jul 6, 2012 . How to repair a wooden deck by replacing the rotten boards. In this case an accumulation of dog hair between deck boards contributed to the holding of moistu..