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Improve Your Garden Soil

Guide to better garden soil. Includes soil testing, composting and soil fertilizers.

Growing Lettuce in the Home Garden

Ohio State Extension bulletin on lettuce. Includes types of lettuce, suggested cultivars, soil and climate needs, and harvesting.

Growing Carrots and Other Root Vegetables in the Garden

University of Minnesota Extension Bulletin provides tips for growing beets, turnips, carrots, and rutabaga. Includes soil preparation, thinning, weed control, and potential problems.

UBC Botanical Garden Forums

Forums on gardening, plant identification, seed exchanges, pest problems, propagation, as well as soil and fertilizer.

Pests & Problems in the Garden

The Garden Helper discusses everything from Armyworms to weeds and blight to soil problems. Advocates a combined organic/chemical approach.

Growing Potatoes in the Home Garden

Details on soil requirements, bed preparation, fertilizers, varieties, and harvest and storage. From Ohio State Extension service.

Garden Planting Tips

Learn the basics from what type of soil you need, to how to control insect pests when your vegetable plants are fully grown.

Advanced Nutrients Direct

Online sales of hydroponics and soil plant nutrients including flower and growth enhancers. Includes online catalog and product information.

Growing Broccoli & Cauliflower in the Home Garden

Ohio State University bulletin on how to grow these two popular members of the cole crop family. Includes climate and soil requirements and suggested varieties.

Vegetable Garden Basics

Information on how to begin vegetable gardening at home. Covers basics of improving garden soil and methods of growing vegetables. Guides to organic methods of pest and weed control.

Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce

Member-driven group serving the businesses of Garden Grove, California. Includes visitor resources, chamber news, and board of director contacts. Features calendar of events and community links.


Producer of natural products for lawn care, gardening, sustainable agriculture, soil remediation, algae control, and oil spill cleanup. News, garden tips, and folklore. Also available in Spanish.

Growing Peppers in the Home Garden

Tips on soil preparation, variety selection, pest & disease controls, and harvesting & storage.