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Because they are, by definition, above the ground, many homeowners do not think about the need to backfill around above-ground pools. At least a small amount of . tar to protect against rust and corrosion. Another option is to build a retaining wall around the pool to keep the backfill from sitting up against the pool wall

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Feb 9, 2018 . The National Swimming Pool Institute has an entire booklet on the building code construction standard for the assembly of Above Ground swimming pools. . At your expense and discretion, some sites will need to have water channeled away from one side of the pool around to a lower side or area through..

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Jan 12, 2015 . If you have an above ground pool in your back yard, you've surely thought about how amazing it would be to install a deck around your above ground pool. It not only looks . than you'd think. Check out these helpful tips to learn how to build, install and maintain your very own above ground pool deck!How to Install a Round Above Ground Pool - Pool Supply World

This article provides a step-by-step guide and video with quick tips to install a round above ground swimming pool. . Place a marker on the center and walk the tape all the way around, tracing the perimeter. CLEAR THE AREA. It's important to build your pool on an area free from sod, roots, rocks, and additional debris

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Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldn't be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inch between the edge of the pool and the deck