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In turbomachinery, the slip factor is a measure of the fluid slip in the impeller of a compressor or a turbine, mostly a centrifugal machine. Fluid slip is the deviation in the angle at which the fluid leaves the impeller from the impeller's blade/vane angle. Being quite small in axial impellers(inlet and outlet flow in same direction),..

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Abstract A new simple but accurate correlation for the slip factor of centrifugal impellers is developed. The functional form of the correlation is obtained by ..

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at the inducer-impeller interface need a slightly deeper justification. Let us consider a conventional centrifugal compressor, where the inlet tangential component of the absolute velocity is defined by the inlet prewhirl, while the outlet is depending on the blade geometry (i.e. discharge blade angle) and slip factor

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compressors. 21.1. Introduction: Centrifugal compressors; also known as turbo-compressors belong to the roto-dynamic type of compressors. In these ... th than the blade angle . Due to this, the t re wn as slip factor. T. (i.e., by n number of blades are normally optimized considering the slip factor and frictiona lo. Version 1..

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Sep 18, 2016 . Abstract: The slip phenomenon will result in a deviation of the theoretical head; thus, it is usually considered as an important factor in the design process of turbomachines (compressor, pump, or turbine). A new correlation for the slip factor in radial and mixed-flow impellers is developed in this study, which..

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Slip factor is an important parameter in the performance prediction of centrifugal pumps. This paper . This paper presents a new approach improving slip factor estimation of centrifugal pumps. In order to . Stanitz, J. Some theoretical aerodynamic investigations of impellers in radial and mixed flow centrifugal compressors