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Thermostat Radiant Barrier Sheathing (OSB). Thermostat OSB radiant barrier sheathing reflects up to 97% of the sun's radiant heat from a home's attic and can help lower attic temperatures and improve energy efficiency

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May 31, 2013 . This little beauty was my inspiration: Adorable, heavy-duty wrapping paper that I planned to do something with someday. (Yeah, one of those purchases. Naughty Jordan!) I headed to Home Depot in search of a large huge sheet of cork board. They didn't have any, so I walked around poking boards with my..

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From the sound of it, you're looking for a plank or piece of shelving. You can probably get this in a 12 inch depth, and cut to whatever length you need. A six foot long comon board seems to list at my local Home Depot at around $12.50. Appeara..

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THD 5/8 4x8 Oriented Strand Board Tongue and Groove 19/32. (1). -. Select Store. Add To Cart. Compare. 3/4 4x8 Oriented Strand Board Tongue and Groove 23/32 · THD 3/4 4x8 Oriented Strand Board Tongue and Groove 23/32. -. Select Store. Add To Cart. Compare. 1/4 4x8 Oriented Strand Board · OSB 1/4 4x8 Oriented..

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I realize I can go to home depot and get a big sheet of plywood, but would prefer not to have to cut it to size myself if there's a simpler option. (Would actually .. Use plywood. You don't want to use MDF/OSB/Ranger board etc. because the moisture that will travel down will turn them back to sawdust/chips

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Jan 14, 2018 . Blue Ribbon OSB sheathing panels provide dimensional stability and stiffness for wall and roof sheathing applications. These panels have strong and uniform consistency throughout. Plus, they have a blue

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Name, 7/16 in. x 48 in. x 8ft. Oriented Strand Board, 1/2 4 ft. x 8 ft. Oriented Strand Board, 2.09 in. x 2 ft. x 4 ft. OSB Insulated R7 Subfloor Panel, T&G Oriented..

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APA rated structural panel ideal for roof or wall applications; Panel is sized to allow 1/8 inch spacing for installation; Maximum support spacing 24 in. OC for roof and wall appications; Trubord comes with a 25 year limited warranty. Specifications..

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Pizhou Home Depot Wood Co., Ltd.Is a company which is combination of trade and industry. It is located in PIZHOU CITY JIANGSU China, it is 45km away from Guanyin airport, 160 kilometers away from lianyungang port, Jiangsu, . It has favorable geographic position and convenient transportation. Pizhou Home Depot..

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Diffen Home Improvement. While OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is generally cheaper than plywood, it is heavier and not as stiff as plywood and can result in soft squeaky floors under weight. The biggest complaint against OSB is that it doesn't handle moisture very well so it is more suited for indoor use. Moisture also affects..

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I don't no that it's manufactured anymore however I viewed the link from the previous answer and it appears it could be the same thing. If your house is older then it is probably the original buffalo board material. If it is newer it could very well be the exact same thing that is sold at Home Depot mentioned in the link that was..

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LP Legacy sub-flooring uses Gorilla Glue Technology for the industry's strongest, stiffest sub-floors. Learn the benefits of LP Legacy sub-flooring

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Nov 19, 2016 . If, by chance, you would do an internet search wanting to get plywood cut at Home Depot, or even Lowes for that matter, you will find an endless list of ... to inexperienced operators not keeping the board flat to the sawthe cut may start out correctly but by the end of the cut the board will slip resulting in..

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This item: 7/16 in. x 48 in. x 8ft. Oriented Strand Board $14.45. Warrior Roofing #30 216 sq. ft. Felt Roof Deck Protection $14.85. 2 in. x 4 in. x 10 ft. Standard and..

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The Home Depot has a reputation that lured us to buy from the roof replacement on our house. The sale process was fine. . He then proceeded to rant on how mold and mildew will fall off the OSB board in the attic once there is proper ventilation. Again this was new information never presented prior to me signing a check

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The Structural Board Association (SBA), a trade association that represents osb manufacturers in North America, has issued a technical bulletin outlining a plan to prevent this . In the past we've heard that walls in many Southeastern homes covered with the Exterior Finish and Insulation System (EIFS) were rotting