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Back priming helps prevent paint from peeling by reducing the amount of water vapor that passes through the wood. Watch this video to find out more

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Aug 11, 2011 . Vertical Panel wood siding is also another type of wood siding, such as Board and Batten, Channel Groove, Tongue and Groove, and the more recent, T-111 and reverse board and batten styles. All of these types of siding can be found in several different species including cedar, redwood, cypress, pine,..

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Whether it is vertical siding like board and batten, or horizontal siding like clapboards, shakes, and shingles, there are a few species and grades commonly used for all applications. A local builder or installer knows what species are readily available in the regional market. If you set your sights on wood that comes from a..

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Jan 24, 2008 . Have you noticed some homes appear more serene than others; seem to blend in with their environment? Where the setting incorporates designs and materials that embrace the natural environment, and create a harmonious blend of architecture and nature? This concept can be especially important when..

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Refreshing the finish on decks, fences, and siding tops the to-do list because without renewed protection against Mother Nature, wood will start to decay. In a one-two punch, sunlight breaks .. Also, stains should be applied in the shade when surface temperatures are above 50 degrees. Slower to Soak In The new formulas..

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Aug 11, 2014 . If you're planning to use it in a project, the first step of that project will be to clean the old wood, assuming, of course that you're like me, and you want to install clean reclaimed wood into your home. This tutorial shows you how to do it. Don't worry. It's not hard at all. It just takes a few supplies and a little bit of..

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Western red cedar used indoors for paneling, posts, beams and joinery requires less protection than exterior siding, trim and decks and consequently different types of . For example, bleach, oils, semi-transparent and solid body stains and opaque finishes can be used to change the wood's appearance to complement a..

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Cedar Siding AFTER Mold Removal, Cleaning and Brightening. Staining the Restored Cedar Siding. Now the cleaned and brightened cedar wood siding is ready to stain. In the past he had used oil based wood stain products but found the mold and mildew returning within a few years each time. So after the last round of..

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Bonus: Interior applications require less protection than wood that's exposed to the elements. That's why most . For all other interior cedar applications, you simply want to enhance the wood's natural appearance with minimal effect on indoor air quality. Note: Always ensure that the coating is recommended for interior use

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Cedar is a versatile wood often used in exterior applications, such as decking, siding and outdoor furniture. When used indoors, cedar is most often used to line closets due to its aromatic and insect repellent properties. However, the wood has many other uses, including furniture, wood paneling, accent beams and ..

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There are 6 kinds of natural wood that popularly used in the U.S. and Canada as well as engineered wood (a man-made . While heavily variegated cedar is still a good choice for wood siding, the boards with more heartwood are preferable. This is..

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Feb 13, 2014 . This will prevent the problem explained above, but there are still many other issues resulting in a negative appearance of your home. window with wood siding. (Figure 1) Window with wood siding. window with vinyl siding. (Figure 2) Cheap looking window with vinyl siding. Since the vinyl siding is applied..

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LP SmartSide Trim & Siding offers the beauty of traditional wood siding with the high-performance of LP engineered wood. Use SmartSide for your next project. Creative design using LP SmartSide exterior siding INSIDE the home. Built by Swanson Homes. See more. Take a good close look at the rich cedar grain of..

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Cedar must be regularly stained and sealed, at significant expense, to protect it from moisture penetration and possible rot, mold and warping; Cedar not properly cared for will become . Clapboard cedar siding: Boards used for clapboard siding have a uniform thickness, and they are overlapped to leave no exposed gaps

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Apr 14, 2017 . Why you should use cedar siding. How to do your own cedar lap siding on the cheap! Both western cedar and eastern red cedar are naturally resistant to pests and rot. In the time since we have finished our siding, I have watched many carpenter bees approach our siding and quickly leave. Other bugs..

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John Rousseau, of Rousseau Building and Design in Pownal, is a diehard advocate of wood-shingle sidinghe puts cedar shingles on nearly all of the homes he builds. . Rousseau estimates that if cedar shingles are applied to a home with good air circulation, the siding will last at least 30 to 50 years, if not longer