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Scottish Words Illustrated

Weekly Scottish word with illustration and English definition, archives, and a word definition quiz.

Internet Anagram Server

Online anagram generator. Definition, topical anagrams, personal anagrams, and Jabberwocky.

Chivalry Today

Chivalry is a code of conduct created by knights of the Middle Ages to combat attitudes of brutality, ignorance and prejudice. Definition, virtues, articles, portraits, stories, and resources.

United States Society on Dams

Professional organization that promotes the advancement of dam engineering and technology. Contains introduction to dams and their benefits, definition of a dam, reasons for their construction.

Afro-Asiatic Index Project

An etymological database of the Afro-Asiatic languages with a history of the project. Includes a definition of etymology, annual reports, and an article on etymology and electronics.

Groo The Wanderer

Information on how to join the Groo e-mail club for fans of the oddball barbarian. Fan site by Josh Jones also offers character profiles, forum, and a definition of "mulching".


Database of pharmaceutical and medical abbreviations, searchable by abbreviation or definition. Offers medical news and an email newsletter.


Contains information about the definition of sinusitis; a sinusitistreatment regimen; fungal sinusitis; surgery; sinusitis in children.

Birthing the Crone

Provides an artist's view of menopause and aging through creativity. Includes Crone portraits, a definition of a Crone, workshops on creativity and aging, upcoming events, bibliography, and an artist bio.

Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation

About the foundation, definition, symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, clinical trials, research grants, and advocacy.

Wikipedia: Indo-European Languages

Provides an overview of the Indo-European language family history and a detailed definition of each language with root word relationships.

Turtle Pages

Includes the definition of a turtle, its evolution, anatomy, types of turtles, conservation, trivia, and links to other sites.

Irmin's Way

Provides a definition of Asatru and its principals, crafts, poetry, runes and magick, class meetings and events, book list with reviews, and location information.


Appalachian Trail profile, definition of thru-hiking, thru-hiker journals, photos, bulletin board, trail recipes, used gear board, and hiking partners wanted ads.

RSS Feeds

Directory of RSS news information and resources. Includes definition, lists of validators and newsreaders, version statistics, version codes outline, and categorized directory of listed feeds. Accepts free submissions.

Plagiarism in Colleges in USA

Essay on plagiarism including a definition, sources of plagiarized material, laws concerning plagiarism, court cases, and how to detect plagiarism.

Terrorism: Questions & Answers

Definition of terrorism, Afghanistan, homeland security, weapons of mass destruction, and terrorist groups.

Alexander Technique

Offers a definition and description of the technique, a directory of teachers, books, and organizations.

Runic Journey

Information on rune history, how they are used today in divination and magical practices, and a definition of each rune.

Arabic Dictionaries

Offers dictionaries to look up a word, phrase or acronym definition in English, French, Spanish, and Arabic. Includes a translator.

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies

Provides an overview of each edition, subscription information, definition of transpersonal psychology, and a message from the editor.

Fireplace Search

Fireplace venting, FAQs, comparisons, information on most manufacturers, definition of terms and fireplace links.

Transpersonal Psychology: John Davis, Ph.D.

Provides a definition of Transpersonal Psychology, the psychology of meditation, notes on a variety of transpersonal research, academic study, and author's background.


Indexes sites by blog relationships and pedigree (blog genealogy). Includes a FAQs, forums and blog definition.

Chicago HD Corp.

Chicago post production studio specializing in high definition video. Features a video editing FAQ, HD demo downloads, and HD news.