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That sounds tricky. laying pavers over concrete AND grass. How does Mark keep everything even . I am considering laying pavers over a concrete patio and have a question regarding the condiiton. Should I be concerend about a 30 years old ppatio with .

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What you shouldn't do is lay tiles on an uneven, settling, or unstable floor. Edit: As Tester101 said, . What are my options for tiling over an uneven concrete floor Related 3 How can I tile the raised edges in my basement 4 Laying Tile Over Asbestos Floor Tile .

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The misconception is that a concrete subfloor must be completely level to install hardwood. Actually, . Will Pergo Work on Uneven Floors Tile Laying Tricks for Uneven Surfaces Trending in Your Area Sound Off: How important is it for a Realtor to be a member .

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Mum's back yard has an uneven concrete surface. The diagram shows lines in the concrete, which aren't cracks, but more like ridges where seperate. Log in or .

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Could you not lay hardboard on the existing floor boards to raise the floor to the same as the concrete floor that will solve the dip but it all depends on

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I am about to start framing up walls for my woodshop. The existing slab slopes from back to front a total of about 4" over the length of 28'-0"..yes, 4". The concrete crew did a terrible job. I need some advise on the best/most efficient way of dealing with this slope in .

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Hi all, I am currently renovating the backyard of my house which has an old ugly concrete floor. I have some 600 x 600 paving stones which i was hoping could be layed over the .

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Hi Guys I have a workshop slab (6m x 9m). The problem is that it is not level in the centre. It "dishes" and is uneven. I would like to install a timber floor to make the floor level. What

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Edit Article How to Lay Tile on Concrete Four Parts: Preparing the Concrete Preparing the Layout Laying Tiles Grouting Tiles Community Q&A Installing tiles on concrete subfloor requires plenty of preparation, but it can be done without a contractor. If you take the .

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Is installing fake grass onto permanent surfaces possible Installing artificial grass onto concrete, decking and other solid surfaces is in fact very easy, read our post for simple instructions on laying fake grass on top of permanent surfaces.

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Installing laminate flooring on a concrete floor with top tips to laying laminate flooring for each one who ask How to lay laminate flooring on uneven concrete floor . before pouring the mass-level surface of the slab or screed carefully primed; leveling compound is .

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This is my first attempt at leveling an uneven kitchen floor. The floor consisted of 2 chipboarded areas and one concrete area. One side of the floor was 2cm.

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An uneven floor or wall surface can lead to several problems in a tile job. Tiles may crack, pop loose or "lip" -- a condition that occurs when the corners or edges of some tiles stick .

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Case study of a patio makeover with out having to lift the old uneven slabs, using Levato Mono pavers. . Levato Pavers Case Study 2 Patio Transformation Product used: Levato Mono TeknoTimber Dark Oak Levato Fixed Head Pedestals 40-70mm 4mm .

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I have roughly 600 sq ft of basement that needs new flooring after some unfortunate flooding this past summer. We had carpet over concrete and are now looking to lay vinyl planks .

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Custom Building Products is dedicated to excellence as the industry leader by supplying our customers with quality, innovative building products. Our Company is committed to maximizing productivity, profits, and opportunities for employee growth. . Laying out .

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Floor Leveling On Concrete - Preparation. Uneven Floors Correct floor preparation with hardwood floor installations is the single most important part of the job. It insures the floor will be a success in one year or twenty. One Minute Quickie Videos Grinding concrete

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As long as the concrete slab is clean, flat, and free of active cracks, you can lay title directly on the concrete floor using thin-set adhesive. Small cracks caused by shrinkage usually do not present a problem; but larger cracks, especially those that are higher on one side than the other, may