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20. Ventilation and Drying. 20. Flashing and Detailing. 21. Building Interface. 22. Balcony Edge. 25. Moisture Point Sources. 26. Material Choices and Specs. 27. Decay-resistant Wood. 27. Decking. 28. Corrosion Resistant Fasteners, Connectors and Flashings. 28. Maintenance and Renewals. 29. Key Points to Consider

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May 1, 2008 . Simpson Strong-Tie (800/999-5099, and USP Structural Connectors (800/328-5934, www.usp? both make stainless steel hardware in addition to their other corrosion-resistant offerings. I also use stainless framing nails as well as decking fasteners. Stainless steel isn't..

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Lighting Objective. Deck lighting is used to illuminate the edge of deck and patio spaces along with bringing illumination to stairs leading to the yard spaces. Lighting Challenges. Installing deck lights after the deck and railings have been built can be technically challenging. Preplanning the layout of the fixtures and cabling..

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Aug 4, 2014 . Glass balustrades in marine and coastal areas, saving grief and money in the longer run. What materials are suitable and how to choose correctly. Balcony Systems

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Defining the Waterproofing Solution Requirements. 10 Types of Decks and Remmers Specific System Build-ups. 10 - Balcony Decks. 14 - Podium Decks. 18 - Car .. Repairs. Rust Inhibitor EP 2K, MCI. Repair Mortar EP 2K. Asphalt repair. Corrosion protection. Repairs. Rust Inhibitor EP 2K, MCI. PUR Indu Color D40 Mortar

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Balconies & Decks. It is important that decks and balconies and other suspended platforms be checked regularly to ensure they are safe to use, and to detect any . a specific level of corrosion protection to avoid premature breakdown due to exposure and/or corrosive reaction due to incompatibility with the base materials

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Roof, Deck, or Balcony? Roof. Separates interior and exterior space. The top of a building. Deck. A roof that you also walk on. Balcony. Outside building's heated perimeter. A protection beyond the face of the building enclosure..

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Members within the deck frame that have rotted may no longer be able to perform the function for which they were installed. Corrosion. Metal connectors and fasteners can corrode over time, especially if a product with insufficient corrosion resistance was originally installed. See page 18 for more information on corrosion

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Balcony Repair & Strengthening. As well as balcony deck waterproofing coatings we also supply products to repair and strengthen concrete balconies from corrosion caused by water/chloride ingress. If your balcony project requires deck repair, concrete repair or additional strengthening before waterproofing coatings are..

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Benefits: Lightweight, durable, doesn't rust or fade, low maintenance, affordableGood to Know: When aluminum patio furniture sits in the sun it can become hot. Powder . flexible, comfortableGood to Know: Wicker and rattan are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, making great additions to sunrooms, porches, and decks

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corrosion resistance. 3. Maximum 5' joist span if 2nd floor is cantilevered at ledger. 4. Shear walls may not be modified unless structural calculations are submitted and approved by the Building Department. 5. Use of this Standard is limited to R-3 occupancies (Single Family Dwellings and. Duplex). SIDE VIEW. DECK JOIST..

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Aluminum Deck Aluminum offers several advantages when used for the design of a deck or balcony. Resistant to corrosion and moisture, it won't swell or shrink over time. It does not require any special maintenance. In addition, it is very resistant to the test of time and doesn't change colour over the years. Western Red..

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Nov 1, 2013 . The architect and specifier should exercise great care and diligence when specifying deck or balcony-type structures (and related guards) as they are . To improve deck post longevity, posts should be placed on concrete piers above ground-line and connected with a corrosion-resistant post-connector to..

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Contents. What can make balconies and decks unsafe? 2. What can I do to ensure my structure is safe? 2. Timber balconies and decks. 4. Concrete balconies. 7. What if there is a . Corrosive environments, particularly in areas near coastlines, can . some way. Treated timbers can provide resistance to deterioration for

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otherwise approved corrosion resistance. 3. Maximum 5' joist span if 2nd floor is cantilevered at ledger. 4. Shear walls may not be modified unless structural calculations are submitted and approved by the Building. Department. 5. Use of this Standard is limited to R-3 occupancies. (Single Family Dwellings and Duplex)

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Deck and stair components. . Decks & Stairs. Our decks are non-slip, PVC coated (Poly-Vinyl Chloride). Current technology provides excellent corrosion resistance. We connect our climbers with a . Balcony Deck Accessory - Telescope Balcony Deck Accessory - Telescope; Click to enlarge image CATWALKBRIDGE.jpg..

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Our Sikafloor Balcony Refurbishment system offers an easy application and build up of the balcony coating. Both systems are seamless, compatible with asphalt and have a guarantee period of 10 years. The 2 coat system offers the surface to have quartz embedded for more slip resistance and aesthetics

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Jul 16, 2015 . The ordinance regarding building elements mandates cross ventilation for enclosed balconies, landings, decks and stairs. It also requires those structures to be constructed of naturally durable or preservative-treated wood, corrosion-resistant steel or similar approved materials, and that wood members that..

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APPROVAL BY THE DESIGN REVIEW BOARD. MAY BE NEEDED FOR YOUR DECK OR PATIO. A separate Design Review Board application is required for certain projects. The Design Review Board reviews proposed designs for numerous exterior building and land improvements. Some deck, porch, and patio..

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It also demonstrates good fatigue strength, as well as outstanding resistance to stress corrosion cracking, crevice, pitting, erosion, and general corrosion in severe environments. Corrosion Resistance: Due to its high chromium, molybdenum, and nitrogen content, Duplex 2205 demonstrates superior corrosion resistant..