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A warm roof has the insulation placed entirely above the roof deck so that the roof deck shares the internal temperature of the building. Warm flat roof designs include inverted roofs, where the waterproof membrane is positioned below the insulation and roof gardens or balcony terraces. This design requires a traffic or..

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Flat roofs are common on all types of buildings, often because they are an economical choice and because they are more suitable for larger constructions. Insulating warm flat roof construction plays a far more complex role in roofing. Modern roof structures are often required to provide thermal, acoustic and fire protection for..

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Oct 14, 2013 . Im often asked what the difference is between a warm roof and cold roof. In this video I explain three different ways of building a flat roof using the warm ..

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Warm roof. A warm flat roof or a built-up roof (BUR) is one where all the insulation is above the joists/deck, making them part of the warm fabric of the building. The insulation is immediately below the waterproofing layer. The vapour control layer is above the decking but below the insulation. The insulation can be adhered,..

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How to design inverted roofs, roof terraces, parking decks with the high performance RAVATHERM XPS closed cell polystyrene foam. . upon many factors, including the position of the insulation within the construction. Due to its numerous advantages for flat roofing one of the best solution is the inverted roof construction

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There are generally three types of flat roof construction: 1. Warm Roof thermal insulation is positioned above the roof deck and vapour control layer and immediately below the waterproofing, resulting in the structural deck and ceiling being at a temperature close to that of the interior of the building. Ventilation of the roof..

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Mar 1, 2009 . The ever increasing levels of thermal insulation required by thermal regulations can result in a higher risk of condensation forming on those elements not enclosed by this insulation, e.g. roofing underlays; cold roof decks and external cladding or tiling. In flat roof construction thermal insulation can be..

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In a warm roof construction the principal thermal insulation layer is located above the structural decking, resulting in the structural deck and support structure being at a temperature close to that of the interior of the building. It is necessary to incorporate a vapour control layer beneath the insulation in order to prevent..

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With this type of roof the insulation is placed above the roof deck but below the weatherproofing. There should be no insulation below the deck and no ventilation is required. Some forms of roof decking may also have insulation bonded to them. The external wall insulation needs to be..

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Dec 23, 2016 . Ventilation is a requirement in order to prevent moisture build-up in the roof void. The downside of cold roof construction is that the heat rays of the sun hit the structure unprotected, and thermal movement can have a negative result. In warm deck roofs, however, the insulation is positioned above the..

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Warm roof is a relatively new term the roof insulation is over the decking of the roof making the gaps between the joists warm, a warm roof

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Oct 10, 2017 . Structural deck, vapour control layer, insulation and waterproofing combine to create a warm flat roof; the perfect example of a fabric-first approach in action. It's a tried-and-tested solution, not least because it keeps the roof structure at or around the same temperature as the building interior. This eliminates..

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Jan 31, 2017 . Construction studies ding detail showing how to d a flat roof warm deck construction detail to a scale of 1:10 with a short introduction highlighting t..

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Jan 1, 2012 . Hopefully, this video will help explain the difference between warm flat roof construction and cold flat roof construction. This video shows detailed ding..

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To prevent interstitial condensation, an effective vapour barrier must be provided on the warm side of the insulation. The position of the thermal insulation related to the structural roof deck has created two basic categories of roof design: Warm roofs; Cold roofs. A warm roof has the insulation above the structural deck, which..

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A note to consider before construction: if insulation is installed below the flat roof deck this is called a cold roof. Generally, roofers discourage this method for cold climates because it can promote condensation and requires ventilating the roof, which may be difficult to do in small or tight spaces. On the other hand, a warm..

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Second, you must be aware of the two classifications for flat roof constructions: cold and warm. These types are based on the positioning of the thermal insulation. To keep the interior dry and unaffected by the elements, the warm deck roof method is usually recommended over the cold. Typical details for a warm flat roof..

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Warm Roof. This guide covers the use of Celotex flat roofing insulation in warm roofs. This is where the insulation is placed entirely above the roof structure so that the roof deck remains close to the internal temperature of the building. Cold Roof. In this build up the insulation is principally placed between the roof structure..