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Tile Tech Roof Pavers offers a solution for all roofing / waterproofing needs from standard Roof Ballast and Walkway, to Plazas and Green Roofs. Granite-Tech finish gives slip resistant properties and by elevating the pavers, water is channeled away from the surface. Safer than gravel ballast, roof deck pavers make roofs..

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Roof pavers & deck tiles by Tile Tech, provide leveling, drainage, durability & protection from harsh weather conditions on all roof decks and plaza

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Jun 10, 2011 . Build a plaza or terrace with Westile Roof Pavers and Bison ScrewJack Pedestals. This video (Copyright 2004) offers a complete guide to planning, deck layout and preparation, paver and deck pedestal installation and paver cutting. Free estimates and CAD service is available. Click link and reference..

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Porcelain pavers are a great alternative to bulky concrete paving slabs for landscape paving, flat roof decks, plazas and terraces. There's no longer the need to suffer poor stain resistance, heavy weight and typically uninspiring color choices of concrete pavers. Heavy duty structural porcelain pavers from Archi give you..

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Heightened Luxury. Raise the status of your roof or patio area with Skylands Concrete Deck Pavers. Adjustable pedestals allow for easy installation and can turn pitched roofs into a flat usable surface. Skylands units are lighter than the industry average; the nominal 24 x 24 x 2 slabs are 24lbs/sq. ft. Building owners..

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Jun 17, 2015 . Composite pavers fit in a freight elevator and are light enough to use on a roof

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Introduction. An increasing amount of new and rehabilitated roof decks use segmental concrete paving units to support pedestrian and vehicular applications. The units provide an attractive, durable walking surface for pedestrian plaza decks. They can be used to create outdoor space, usable exterior living environments at

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KB Home · CAD Details · Permeable Pavers; AutoCAD Installing permeable pavers on a Roof Deck with a granular base Technical Cross-Section Ding. Permeable Pavers on Roof Deck and Granular Base. Click here to get the AutoCAD Installing permeable pavers on a Roof Deck with a granular base Technical..

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Here you see a roof deck fitted with out 1 ¾ thick Pave-Land series in a diamond shape pattern to give this assisted living facility some character and design features. As you can see: furniture, planters and other items can be placed directly onto our rubber pavers with ease. Green was selected to give the residence the..

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Using the right architectural pavers on your roof decks, plazas, balconies, terraces, walkways and more is a cost-effective way to transform those areas from dull and drab to eye-catching for both building tenants and visitors. However, picking the right pavers can be tricky. Luckily, you have the experts at S&W Waterproofing..

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A pedestal decking system being installed on a rooftop in Manhattan. Pedestal systems are designed to support decking or pavers over any waterproofed roof surface. The pedestals are made of high density polypropylene, so they are impervious to water, mold or rot. A 1000 pound per pedestal load bearing capacity far..

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Lightweight Roof Pavers were invented to follow the natural slope of the roof and where an existing roof or new roof construction requires a lighter load. Cast with 1" of concrete laminated to a 1 1/2" of expanded polystyrene foam these pavers have the look and feel of a full weight paver yet weigh in at roughly half the load

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Aug 14, 2009 . Roof decking pavers have created new opportunities for otherwise lost and unusable spaces. Roofs and decks now have the ability to be functional, attractive exterior pedestrian plazas and living environments. Pavers can be installed on roof decks and promenades, terraces, balconies, patios, plazas,..

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Roof and Plaza Pavers. Sizes: 12" x 12" to 24" x 48" (nominal) Compressive Strength: 8500 psi Flexural Strength: 1100 psi Absorption: less than 5% Density: 155 lbs/ft3 Recommended Pedestrian Use Only Wide Range Standard & Custom Colors Available as a Single Source component..

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Learn about AZEK's Rooftop Deck Pavers which provide strength, beauty and versatility, and by combining recycled materials with cutting-edge technology

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Precast Concrete Roof Pavers by Stepstone, Inc. are available in nineteen (19) standard colors and a variety of finishes including sandblasted, exposed aggregate and Sonorastone , Stepstone's slate-like texture. These pavers can be installed with pedestals or laid directly on the roof surface. Drydeck pavers have..

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Sizes: Standard: Pavers are nominal 23-1/2 x 23-1/2 and nominal 17-5/8 x 17-5/8 by 2 in thickness. Custom as required. Finishes: AGA Natural Color. Water Absorption: < 5% (five percent). Standard Pedestals: Standard pedestals as required per project specification. AGA Roof Deck Pavers. Cut Sheet..

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Products. A-Z PRODUCTSPLANK PAVERSLARGE FORMAT PAVERSROOF DECKSArcanaLimestonePorcelain TileRivenstoneSandstoneSeries Large FormatSkyline 24×24 SlabsUmbriano Umbriano Large FormatYorkstoneCONTEMPORARY PAVERSEXPOSED AGGREGATE PAVERSPERMEABLE..