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Not fire-resistant. Mold and mildew is a major issue. Investment with very little return. Wood today is not as strong as 10 years ago. New growth trees have much . Aluminum Decking. Hollow PVC Decking. Low maintenance, but expensive. Not at all wood-like in appearance. Finish scratches. Hot under foot

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For decking and stair treads, use exterior fire-retardant-treated wood, minimum 3-inch nominal thickness, or brick or concrete pavers and a suitable drainage mat over wood decking or metal grates. Light, poured . to under-deck fires. Products with hollow construction exhibited board collapse when exposed to firebrands

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Aug 22, 2017 . Buildings where the exterior walls are constructed of masonry materials such as adobe, brick, concrete, gypsum block, hollow concrete block, stone, tile or similar materials and . They are also more durable and fire-resistant than wood, and easy to maintain. . The roof can be any material on a wood deck

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As a Warnock-Hersey licensee, we can machine doors for hardware and apply the Rated Label that the building inspector needs to see. We are a Ceco Steel Dealer and stock fire-rated, commercial doors and hollow metal frames for both interior and exterior use. We stock Wood flush fire rated doors; some pre-machined to..

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Naturally scratch resistant. One of the strongest woods available, 2.7 times harder than even White Oak. Great for any outdoor project. Easy to install with simple pre-drilling. Known as one of the strongest woods in the world. Class A fire rating and naturally Mold & Fungi resistant. Naturally slip resistant, tested over time and..

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If tunnel form construction meaning there is a concrete deck above the top floor ceiling with wood frame roof over the top concrete deck, this will react to wind forces much the same way as typical JM construction. It is slightly better from a fire rating standpoint and from a wind standpoint in terms of potential damage if the..

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Composite lumber products are available in dif- ferent shapes, and are either. 1- or 2-inches thick. Examples of the different shapes -solid, hollow, and . ing on top of the deck.The brand is a standard item used in eval- uating the fire performance of roofing materials (for example, the. Class 'Pi rating).We used it in our deck..

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Jul 31, 2014 . Allow us to weigh in on the pros and cons between wood and composite decking. . It also has the same fire rating as concrete and steel! Wood decks . Some composite decking materials are hollow boards that are cheaper than solid ones and don't tend to expand and contract as much as solid boards

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Nov 2, 2011 . decks, despite their composite quality, can still burn like natural wood surfaces, so always avoid having an. . Fire-Resistance Rating. decking is classified as a . composite decks withstood fire better than some other decks, particularly those made up of hollow materials. In general, solid..

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of wood porches and decks, including Chicago Building Code and. Department of Buildings requirements. .. CELL The hollow space inside of a concrete block which may or may not be filled with grout and .. of the building and are separated from the building by a fire rated wall. Porches include decks, stairs and..

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Jul 11, 2011 . Decking- Alternate Method A (SFM 12-7A-4A). 6. Ignition Resistant Material .. Product Description: Creatus Wood PremierTM "T&G V Joint S2S V 1 Side" siding CRA #17. Pattern Number 708, 715 and .. Product Description: LP FlameBlock sheathing, 4' x 8' fire rated oriented strand board (OSB), 7/16..


the roof sheathing or deck in Type III, IV and V con- struction, provided: 5.1. The roof sheathing or deck is constructed of approved noncombustible materials or of fire-retardant-treated wood for a distance of 4 feet (1220 mm); or. 5.2. The roof is protected with 0.625-inch (16 mm) Type X gypsum board directly beneath

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This guide was derived from the Ignition Resistant Construction Design Manual created and published by the Colorado Springs Fire .. protection against radiant heat as compared to a lighter weight hollow core door. .. Where decks are subject to embers and fire brands, wooden deck surfaces are more easily ignited than

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Available in Smooth or Textured Woodgrain; Available in Solid Core or Hollow Core; Double doors; All Jamb depths available; Inswing or Outswing . French doors; Double doors; Fire Rated doors; Inswing; Outswing; All Jamb depths available; Many glass options available; Available pre finished in a variety of colors..