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Learn Fencing at the Harrisburg Area YMCA! The West Shore Fencing Club at the YMCA is a recreational and competitive club offering instruction in foil and saber, and open bouting in all three weapons. Fencers develop agility, dexterity, speed and strength while learning the intricacies of attacks, parries, and ripostes

Fencing Lessons Youth and Adult

Fencing Lessons Youth and Adult Dynamic instruction in Olympic style fencing with emphasis in safety, athleticism, sportsmanship, form, strategy, and ultimatelyfun

Heartland Fencing Academy

Mar 23, 2017 . Fencing is a safe sport; Fencing teaches respect; Fencing is a sport of traditiona noble sport of knights; Fencing teaches fair play; Fencing is a mental . Introductory Classes and Upcoming Tournaments for fencers! . See our Introductory Class page here for a complete schedule of dates and class times

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You can register for that membership here. Please bring your membership information with you to your first class. Our fencing classes are offered for beginning through advanced level fencers. Private lessons are also available, please call Michelle at 847-448-8681 for more information on private lessons. Fencing W 2018..

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The philosophy behind this project is to create a consolidated audio-visual format of world class fencing masters. Our objective is to share this knowledge with coaches and fencers around the world using an online platform for registered users while inspiring a community of fencing enthusiasts to share their opinions and..

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Sign up online: click here to reserve your spot! Livermore fencing classes and summer camps currently accept youth (6 -12), juniors (12-19), and adults (20+). The programs are offered through the Livermore Area Recreation and Park District (LARPD). NEW: Adults can join the Thursday 7:00 PM class and Friday 5:30 PM..

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This online platform provides you professional instruction for learning Historical European Fencing with the longsword (Langschwert). In our Videos, everything you need to know in order to use and wield a longsword effectively is shown you, step-by-step. This training helps you to master sophisticated combat moves from..

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Classical fencing is a martial art developed from several hundred years of the sword's evolution. Through this art, you will . to register for this class online. Basic and Intermediate Classical Fencing (Classes Held at Rec-Plex) . You may unsubscribe at any time. VIEW CULTURAL ARTS CENTRE E-NEWSLETTER ONLINE

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Profencing, located in Lewis Center, is the Premier Fencing Club in Central Ohio for the learning, practice, training, and enjoyment of the sport of Fencing

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FSA offers a wide variety of training packages for anyone interested in fencing. If you are just starting out, take your first steps with us today! Want to be the next olympic gold medalist? Train with former Olympians as coaches! We also offer after school programs, home school programs, and remote training via online video

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World-Wide fencing community site featuring online training resources for competing in foil, epee, and sabre, chats, discussions, and a search engine of fencing sites

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Classes for intermediate. competitive and elite fencers are 1.5hrs in length. All intermediate and above fencers must have their own electric equipment. Registration for classes is done on the students online account. Cancellation is 48hrs for all classes. Private lessons. Lessons are one on one with the coach for 20 or 40..

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For beginners, this course introduces the fencer to the French school of foil fencing. The five learning objectives are safety, basic movement, the simple attack, the parry riposte, and the compound attack. Lessons for all levels will consist of group instruction, supervised exchange drills and assaults. Students will need to..

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En Garde! Learn a sport that spans centuries fencing is the ultimate cross-training program that conditions the body and develops balanced coordination. Youth and Teens learn to dodge, parry and thrust in this exciting sport that keeps growing in popularity. Learn proper form, technique, and etiquette in this methodical..

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Our experienced instructor will provide the gear, you just need to wear comfortable clothing and close-toes shoes. We have both a beginner and intermediate class offered each session. Check out our latest Program Guide for details or register online. We also offer week-long fencing summer camps. Check out our Summer..

Basic Sword Fencing Moves & Techniques: Free Online Lessons for .

Sep 11, 2007 . Learn about advance and retreat footwork in fencing in this free online video lesson for beginners

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Decide why you want to fence. Is it for fitness, competition, or for historical appeal? All of these are legitimate reasons, and each leads to a different type of fencing and training. Fencing is an old art that has great traditions and cultures, so you may find it more enjoyable if you immerse yourself in it. Fencing is a great way to..

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Amarillo College - Fencing

Amarillo College has fencing classes for all ages and every skill level. Beginning students learn the basic principles of the modern sport and are introduced to the basic techniques of the foil and the epee,Fencing Class - BYU-Idaho

Fencing class is for matriculated BYU-Idaho students, employees, and their spouses. Learn the fundamentals of the sport and fine-tune your skills playing with others of like interest. There is no cost to participate in the classes for those who register in advance on BYU-Idaho-approve PE clothing and..

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Fencing classes and Fencing Lessons in Portland.

Northwest Fencing Center has great fencing classes and lessons program. Learn fencing with some of the best fencers in the world. Epee or foil

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Registration for the next sessions of the Beginner Fencing Class for Youth (7-14 y.o.) is open. The next sessions start dates are: Sunnyvale March 28, 2018. Campbell March 31, 2018. Register online or call to the office 408-370-6419. Looking forward to seeing you in our new beginner classes! March 2, 2018

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Denver Fencing Center runs over 30 different classes a week. Our classes run on monthly cycles. Fencers who are taking one 60 minute class a week will sign up for a Bronze membership. Fencers taking one 90 minute class a week will sign up for a Bronze Plus membership. If you plan on taking more than one class a..

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Fencing videos, online instructional coaching, training courses, learn how to teach fencing by leading professionals at CoachTube

Basic Sword Fencing Moves & Techniques: Free Online Lessons for .

Sep 11, 2007 . Learn about footwork and balance in fencing in this free online video lesson for beginners