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Surface stains. Unlike PVC decking, wood composite decking is porous and staining can be a quite a problem. Depending on the treatments and what's caused the stain, it may be more difficult to remove a stain from composite decking than it would be to remove a similar stain from a timber deck. If you do drop something..

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Apr 6, 2016 . Whether you choose , , Choice Deck , Veranda , or one of the many other composite decking manufacturers there are some practical steps you can take to maintain your decks beauty. . An oxalic acid based deck brightener such as UltraMean can be used to remove these spots/stains

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Feb 20, 2009 . If you use a grill on your deck, place a protection underneath your grill so that grease doesn't accumulate on your decking. You can also use OxyClean to remove rust stains, but try to protect your composite decking from rust stains. To remove stamped lettering, chalk marks, and pencil markings left behind..

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Mold & Mildew or other fungus growth, such as green lichen or moss, and the stains that result are considered an Act Of Nature because fungus can only occur in environments where spores exist, they land on a surface and receive moisture, such as in the outdoors, where composites generally are located. Due to this fact,..

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How-To: Care for and Clean Decking. May 11, 2016 | Blog, How-To Videos. by pocobuilding. A common question we get in regards to products branded as 'low-maintenance' is how often do I need to clean it? The answer is that all exterior building materials require regular cleaning in order to keep them looking in..

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To repair any mill marks that are on your deck surface, you can use a fingernail polish remover. This will lighten the mill marks or remove them completely. Get a cotton ball and wet it with the polish remover. Using a circular motion, rub it gently on the mill marks to remove them. If you want to avoid visible mill marks, you..

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Spray the Deck Cleaner. Once the cleaner has been on the boards for the period the manufacturer recommends, spray the deck clean with the power washer. You should then allow at least 24 hours before applying any further treatments or stains to the deck, in order to ensure that it's completely dry

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kPa) and at safe distances, 10 inches (25 cm) above deck. In the wrong hands, your composite deck can be damaged. Exercise extreme caution. Oil and Grease Stains. Speedy clean-up is best. To clean grease and oil stains that soap and water cannot remove, some all-purpose cleaners, such as Fantastik, will cut through..

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Initial Weathering and Removal of Water Marks. Your composite decking boards are made from a combination of recycled plastic and plantation wood flour. When new there may be some residual tannins in the wood flour component of your decking boards. This tannin will leach out of the board the first few times that the..

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Patio stains, stone stains and garage stains can be difficult to remove. Pour-N-Restore Composite Deck Spot Remover makes it easy to remove cooking oil stains, food grease stains, transmission fluid stains and more! This oil stain remover will work hard on multiple surfaces to remove stains and keep your patio looking..