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Oct 18, 2012 . Rubber Garage Flooring Tiles. Epoxy garage floors provide a skid-free surface that is easy to clean. The seamless surface resists dirt and bacteria. Epoxy also provides a chemically resistant surface that will not peel like a painted floor. We have a multitude of garage flooring products. Our two most popular..

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Dust mop once a week. The best way to maintain your epoxy floor is to run a soft dust mop over it once a week. This removes dirt and dust gently, which prevents scratches and protects your floor. For floors with an anti-slip aggregate coating--such as aluminum oxide--a soft bristle push broom may be more effective than a..

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Feb 17, 2013 . Slippery floors in garages are a large cause of accidents at home throughout the winter. I've slipped on these slippery floors too. Slippery floors can be da..

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Granite Garage Floors not only look great, but they are also extremely durable and resistant to a variety of chemicals, such as, gas, oil, road dirt, and grime. When concrete . Epoxy coated floors become a completely sealed surface and may be slippery when wet, be cautious while cleaning and after rainfall. Prolonged..

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Garage Floor Urethane Coating is highly resistant to hot tire pickup, peeling, chemicals, oil, and gasoline. Garage Floor Urethane Coating beautifies and makes coated surfaces easy to maintain. To ensure safety every container of Garage Floor Urethane Coating comes mixed with Slip Resist Grit Additive and an optional 6..

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Biological Epoxy Floor Systems Data centers, equipment cleaning areas, labs and clean rooms all have different requirements. Non porous, seamless, non-slip and easy maintenance are popular considerations, and specialized systems are available. Commercial Kitchens Food and beverage facilities have unique..

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Jul 29, 2016 . 1. Use A Dust Mop To Keep The Floor Clean. Do this at least once a week and whenever you find it necessary. You can get a quality dust mop in many home improvement stores or you can also order it online. A dust mop can also be used in maintaining floors with a polymer anti-slip additive in the exterior

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Epoxy flooring protects the concrete from salts and some solvents, says Jim Muzzillo Jr., one of the owners of Northwest Floor Care in Elk Grove Village, . At some point you have to find a happy medium between a very smooth surface that is easy to keep clean and an anti-skid surface, which is easier to walk on, says..

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NON-SLIP ACRYLIC COATING is a sparkling clear water based, one part acrylic non-slip floor paint like coating and Anti-Skid Garage Floor Concrete Sealer. . Routine cleaning and maintenance to remove grease, oil or other substances is required. Use No. 3001 Trusty-Step Cleaner or another mild, non-abrasive liquid..

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Jul 24, 2014 . Make your garage cleaner & revive the space with a floor coating from First Choice. . You do not have to worry about driving or working on it either; the final surface layer will be smooth and non-slip, as well as scratch and scuff resistant and resistant to damage from to hot tires and chemicals. Garage Floor..

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Restaurant and foodservice floors are often coated in grease and oil, making them prone to causing slip and fall accidents. Our coarse non-slip additive will give your kitchen epoxy flooring an extremely aggressive finish. With this extra texture, coupled with proper cleaning, even a greasy kitchen floor can maintain slip..

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Information on the daily maintenance and deep cleaning of concrete garage floors. . Caring for, maintaining, and cleaning your garage floor coating. . Advanced slip resistance. Garage Floors Site , Epoxy Garage Floor Kits 1-or-2 car garage kits. Anti-slip included. Polyaspartic Topcoat By Kemiko..

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Please click here to see more tips from this article on how to clean your epoxy garage floor. PERMANENT SOLUTION FOR A SLIPPERY EPOXY GARAGE FLOOR. For a permanent solution to a slippery garage floor you need to consider an epoxy garage floor. This can create a non-slip surface. These will virtually eliminate..

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Garage floor tile covers your garage with non-slip, easy-to-clean, protective squares that fit together easily. You can have this type of garage floor covering installed by a professional or do it yourself. Because many different shades are available, using tiles is a great way to design a custom garage floor. For example, you..

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Custom Coating With A Lifetime Warranty. Our custom epoxy floor coating is the best way to coat your garage floor for easy clean up and good looks. At Amazing Space, all of our garage epoxy floors are made with the very best materials. Epoxy flooring is a solvent free (0 voc), UV - stain resistant, non-slip, low maintenance..

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Oct 9, 2013 . Soap based cleaners leave a residue on epoxy flooring that not only detracts from the shine, but also become increasingly slippery should the floor get wet. 8. Use a walk-off mat (welcome mat) inside any entry door to assist removal of snow and water from the bottoms of shoes when entering the garage

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Superior adhesion to concrete; Many color choices available; Waterproof; Durable; Easy to clean; Aggregates added to the coating can make the floor non-slip; Urethane topcoats can make the floor scuff resistant; Vinyl ester topcoats can make the floor chemical resistant; Respirable (breathable) coatings allow..

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Dec 29, 2016 . You'll need a hard foam mop, as a string mop will leave streak marks and will not clean your epoxy floors with the most efficiency. . Cleaners with soap also have the possibility of leaving streak marks on your floor and will increase the likelihood that your floor will become slippery when wet. This is why..

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epoxy floor cleaning dust mop Since dust and dirt do not stick to the floor, just use the dust mop once a week (or sooner if needed) to keep the floor clean. It only takes a few minutes and you are done. They even work well for floors that have a polymer anti-slip additive in the surface. If you have a floor coating with an..