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Heavy duty felt backed vinyl flooring for pontoon boats. Replacing More Than . If you need more than just carpeting and plan on replacing your pontoon boat's deck, check out our Kits below: Pontoon Vinyl . Yes you can cut the material easily with a razor knife to fit the dimensions on your pontoon boat. Unfortunately they..

Sikafloor Marine | Sika AG

Sikafloor Marine-107 is a one component ultra-light weight and self-levelling mortar based on polymer modified cement. The product is applied on interior decks, to level the surface prior to the application of deck finishing materials such as carpets and vinyl. It is suitable for application in dry, light traffic accommodation..

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In addition to guarding marine surfaces against moisture, boat deck mats also help in preventing physical damage from occurring. Rubber is naturally tough and durable material. A rubber boat floor covering is an excellent barrier between sensitive bases and heavy weights. Wooden floors can be damaged by both constant..

Lightweight Structural Marine Honeycomb Sandwich Plywood for .

Enter Sing Core, the revolutionary Eco-friendly boat building structural panel that is lightweight, easy to use, stronger than steel and is in production as a curve-able material. Other core materials cannot compare with Sing Core's torsion box honeycomb foam core structural integrity, especially at up to one-tenth the weight of..

Pontoon Boat Flooring - Best Flooring Options For Your Pontoon Boat

Feb 11, 2018 . It is a heated debate within Pontooners as to which pontoon boat flooring is better. If you are . Aluminum removes these worries because it is very easy to maintain and light in weight. . With that in mind, now that we have covered the four-main pontoon boat flooring options, let's dive into the most common

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1. Aluminium. Pro. Aluminium is becoming more popular in the floor boating industry. This is due to the fact that aluminium is very easy to install and has low cost maintenance needs. Another advantage of using aluminium is that since it is a lighter material than wood, the boat will eventually end up being lighter in weight

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Aluminum is another, not so cheap but practical option. Maybe some diamond plate with a few well selected bends, so it's stiff and fits well. You don't have to paint it, it's not going to react with the boat, like other materials, it's waterproof and light weight. Pick up some junk plate at a scrap yard, hit it with a..

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Honeycomb core, Plascore, Plascore board, marine, stronger, less material, reduce weight, cargo capacity, increase speed, reduce cost, energy absorption

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What are Some Lightweight Decking Alternatives to Plywood . What are Some Lightweight . use of plywood is still widespread in spite of the arrival of alternative modern materials. . for roofing and interior flooring . Boat Flooring | Lightweight Easy to Install Lightweight Boat Floor. . NautikFlor offers the most choices in..

Aqua Tread Marine Flooring. A G-Floor PVC Vinyl Boat Flooring

It features 100% solid material with no cheap fillers. No product is slip proof . While Aqua Tread is not stain proof it is non porous and with proper care and maintenance will keep your boat deck looking sharp for years to come! . Product: AquaTread Marine Flooring --Nutmeg Teak and Light Holly 8ft 6Inch wide By The FootAqua-Dek Marine Decking Panels

Welcome to the NEW Aqua-Dek. The NEW Aqua-Dek panelized decking product is exactly what you've been looking for to deck your dock. . The panelized design, light weight and moulded in & counter-sunk fastener locations of the NEW Aqua-Dek will help you get the job done fast. No cutting, no drilling, just place,..

Marine Sector Flooring

If the flooring of any marine vessel or offshore platform is not lightweight, the design must be much more advanced to ensure floatation. Also, if not lightweight the vessels will require more fuel during travel, leading to increased pollution and a larger carbon footprint. With Avant Flooring's unique, German developed material..