old porch floor joist framing details

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... they see when leaving. We show you lots of options along with how to construct the best porch floor. ... diagram showing joist spacing at 16 inches on center .... If not, removing the old flooring will give you access to the framing underneath.

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May 31, 2016 ... High-quality materials and construction details that encourage the ... Before about 1860, deck frames were often built of large logs called “sleepers. ... on one or two sides, with one of the flat side facing up to act as floor joists.

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Lay out joists and bridging to ensure that each board spans at least two supports. ... Many aspects of deck design and construction, from structural requirements...

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Mar 13, 2001 ... Porch or deck framing with 2x6 joists, joist hangers and beams. Old ... The old porch column had some minor rot problems. ... It is difficult to get the hangers in the exact position when there is no joist present to guide them.

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ONLINE PORCH GUIDE > Understanding the Porch > Structural Porch .... If you install blocking between each pair of framing joists the floor joists can run...

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cally consists of the footings, the posts, the beams, the ledger, and the joists. I ... Instead of building a deck frame cantilevered over a carrying beam, I incor- porated .... a straight rim, we put guide .... grade level, the old but sound concrete back.

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Apr 1, 2016 ... An illustrated look at how a typical wood-frame floor is built, including sublooring and more.

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The deck shown here features a pressure-treated floor frame that's .... But it has the same structural elements as any deck—ledger, joists, beams and piers.

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Flashing, fastening, framing - you name it, it needed to be fixed. ... The owner had hired a contractor to remove the old porches and build this new ... Many of the joist hangers that attached the deck's 2x8 joists to the 2x10 rim joists .... In this issue: Durable Deck Details — Under-Deck Drainage — Upgrading a Cable Railing.