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Outdoor bamboo furniture needs extensive care. Try not to put your furniture in a shaded area, where moist and wet conditions will cause mold. Damp conditions are the number one enemy of bamboo. Move the furniture indoor during off season, or protect it with a good water proof cover. A coat of outdoor sealer will help..

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If you use bamboo outdoors, keep it in a sheltered area such as beneath a covered patio. Store outdoor bamboo during prolonged rainy weather to avoid exposure to too much moisture. Dry air indoors can cause cracking. Indoor bamboo also requires protection from sunlight, and wiping it down weekly with a slightly..

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If you notice mold or mildew growing on your cane furniture, use a strong solution of bleach or hydrogen peroxide in warm soapy water to clean. Or use the hydrogen peroxide on a q-tip swab to remove if there are only a few tiny spots. Then rinse well and dry outdoors in the sunshine on a warm, windy day. Be careful not to..

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Hello. Not sure if this Garden forum is the place, but here goes. Can anyone suggest the best way to protect outdoor Bamboo furniture? We had varnish

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Apr 16, 2015 . If you are looking for the best furniture for your outdoor, nothing could be as best as bamboo because it is highly durable and is much more resistant to moisture and heat. Most of the time we see bamboo furniture in the outdoor areas of a house, especially the lawn and patio. You must be wondering over..

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Keeping wicker furniture outside leaves it exposed to full sun and water which degrades the weave. Protective coatings and natural oils become dried out, reducing the wicker's resistance to the elements. Adding a protective coat of timber varnish is a simple way to extend the life of wicker furniture. It also adds warmth to the..

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Dec 18, 2009 . Most bamboo furniture is not recommended for outdoor use, but you can get away with using bamboo outdoors if you're willing to give it a little extra care. Before placing bamboo furniture outside, treat it with an outdoor sealant for protection. When arranging bamboo furniture outdoors, choose a spot that is..

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How to Refinish or Paint Bamboo Furniture. If you wish to refinish bamboo furniture, you will need to condition the surface a particular way, based on your over

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Jan 25, 2010 . Apply furniture oil to your bamboo. Linseed oil can also be used, but ideally you should use furniture oil that is specifically suited for bamboo. This will protect your bamboo by ensuring that it will flex rather than crack and it will also give your bamboo a beautiful shine

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Protecting your wicker furniture with polyurethane is a finishing touch, perhaps after you've repaired broken sections and floord the luster of the furniture with several coats of paint. You can . . Place your wicker furniture on a dropcloth in the garage or in a protected area outdoors. Minimize dust and other interference..

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May 3, 2015 . For you, only the best will do. Learn more /brands/303-p. 303 Product Specialist, Ashley Strubel shows you two quick steps to help properly care for outdoor wicker patio furniture using 303 Multi-Surface Cleaner, Indoor and Outdoor Protectant

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Bamboo furniture is undergoing a revolution as of late. The rustic furniture of the sixties and seventies, made from unmilled bamboo shoots and poles, is still available. There is also a new face to this type of furniture as well. Milled, sanded and finished bamboo furniture rivals any hardwood furniture in durability and beauty

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Dec 23, 2014 . Natural wicker is not intended to be used outdoors and no amount of water-proofing spray-on's will protect natural wicker from the sun, moisture, mold, and mildew. If you want to use wicker furniture outside, it has to be resin wicker. Resin wicker is one of the most durable outdoor materials and looks just..

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Nov 30, 2014 . Without any protective treatment, most bamboo species have an average natural durability of less than 2 years. Stored under cover, untreated bamboo may last 4-7 years. These variations in bamboo durability strongly depend on the species, the length of the culm, the thickness of the wall, but also, and..

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It might be bamboo, eucalyptus, wood-like resin, teak, mahogany or any range of treated or varnished wood. To determine the best course of maintenance and cleaning, learn what type of material it is, and if it has any protective coating. Experts agree that any piece of outdoor furniture needs varnish formulated for exterior..

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You may want to learn how to stain bamboo a darker color or different color to change the look of your outdoor furniture or to make the look of a room more . Protect your work area with newspapers and your hands with rubber gloves. . Any wood furniture polish will work well on bamboo that still has its natural waxy coat

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10 PRODUCTS . Shop World Market for our affordable Outdoor & Patio Furniture Covers from around the world. Plus, FREE . Large Outdoor Wicker Chair Cover .. World Market's outdoor furniture covers are made of water-repellent, superior quality vinyl to protect outdoor furniture from wind, rain and other harsh weather

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Protecting wicker from the elements. natural and human! A coating of clear varnish, shellac or lacquer can be applied. If a spray can is used, spray furniture outside. Painted wicker can be freshened with a new coat of paint. Allow several days for drying before using. A thin coating of liquid furniture wax applied after the new..

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With a little care and gentle cleaning, the natural fibers of wicker furniture will keep looking good for years. . Kept clean and protected, antique wicker pieces like this can be used and enjoyed for years. To clean dirty wicker that's made of bamboo, . Rinse well and let the piece dry outdoors in the sun. To clean wicker made..

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May 5, 2008 . Hello, I'm hoping someone could offer some advice. I purchased a bamboo patio furniture set a couple of years ago and the varnish that was on it began to crack, crystallize and come off. I just recently sanded it all off and I now have a blank slate. I want to protect the furniture from the elements, but I was..

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While your bamboo wicker furniture should always sit under a patio awning or be covered in wet conditions, you should still seal it to protect the surface from humidity and rain. Moisture exposure is perhaps the quickest killer of outdoor wicker furniture. Fortunately, adding a proper sealer is neither hard nor time-consuming