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Its symmetrical shape is attractive, sheds rainwater and snow efficiently, and allows for maximum attic space. It's a good choice in climates that receive snowfall, but may not work as well in areas that are subject to high winds. If you have carpentry skills, you can build a gable roof for a simple rectangular structure, such as a..

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Versamods Modular Deck panels are a lighter and stronger alternative deck material for rooftop decks, ideal for do-it-yourself projects, docks, roof tops and marinas. . Versamods are aluminum decking planks cut to sizes and welded together to form a specific shape, modular tiles, deck squares or a deck panel

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Oct 29, 2009 . Figure 1.7: Double Deck Floating Roof Tank. 13. Figure 1.8: Storage Tank . Figure 3.3: Minimum Requirement for Single Deck Pontoon Floating Roof. 82. Figure 3.4: Case 1 Dead .. cylindrical, spherical or rectangular form, but vertical cylindrical are the most usual used. In a vertical cylindrical storage..

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Apr 6, 2016 . Basic Deck Building. By now you should have your plans, your wood and your tools. There are many ways to go about getting this done, but I will tell you how I did mine, rather than explain the many methods available. I marked out the ground which was covered in grass into the rectangular shape with..

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Nov 10, 2015 . Gable and hip roofs may be built primarily of trusses; other roof shapes, particularly those with dormers or on houses with cathedral ceilings, attic rooms, or attic storage areas, are stick built. Stick framing creates a triangle between the rafters and ceiling joists. A collar beam adds strength at the middle

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Rectangular Floating Deck . Same as above, the shape of your floating deck depends on the structure of your property and the amount of space you are looking to over with the floating deck. . A floating deck roof can also be installed with a small garden and with time, the installation will turn into a natural green ceiling!Rooftop Living in Japan | JA+U

Oct 25, 2012 . The roof of these low-rise volumes is used as open-air boardwalk connecting the taller rectangular buildings that contain the lecture halls and student lounges. The square pattern on the roof created by lawn, wooden decking, and openings resembles the pattern of the rice fields in the area

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White rectangular shape flying lower then normal, thought maybe a drone, but it disappears clear sky's where did it go? 9/21/17 . 7/3/17 12:35, Camdenton, MO, Rectangle, 30-45 seconds, Large gray colored rectangular box shaped craft floating in front of cloud bank in mid-Missouri. 7/7/17 .. Standing on deck by river

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Jul 8, 2015 . Building a floating deck, also known as an island deck, is quite simple. Once it's . The first step when building a floating deck is creating the design which is basically just a square or a rectangle. Then the . Build an L-shape deck if you want to frame a tree or to follow the architecture of the house. Paint or..

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Oct 18, 2011 . Another polygon and close relative to the parallelogram, the rectangle is a straightforward shape and no stranger to architecture. . Given its 3-dimensions, it is technically a cubed home, which consists of two 4-story homes, each with an elevator, rooftop spa and deck, floor to ceiling windows and a third..

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This handbook describes our unique EPDM Roofing System which offers maintenance-free waterproofing for rooftop decks, green roofs .. any combination of 5.5 ft wide strips of rubber can be fabricated to make rectangular, round, or L-shaped roofs rubber . at least five pounds per square foot such as floating wood decks..

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Jul 27, 2016 . Isn't it extra amazing to build a floating deck with a swimming pool inside? This idea is unbelievable in your budget! Get some wooden pallets and craft it in a swimming pool shape you want. Round square rectangular any of the shapes can be considered. This deck would not cost you more than $300 and..

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Jan 18, 2013 . In deck building, two steel shapes are used: joists (or studs) and track (see illustration). Track is sized slightly larger so that joists fit inside it, and it's used like a rim joist or ledger at the ends of joists. The strength of a steel member varies depending on its web depth, its flange width, and its gauge,..

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As an isolated vacation home, this floating lake house is hard to beat. . and bring in sunlight. A second-floor deck is cut out of the rooftop, giving survey to the docks below and the lake beyond. . The cabin's only bedroom is its most traditionally-shaped room, occupying the rectangular extension to the building's roofline

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See Builder. Deck A flat structural element that is fastened to the roof framing members, typically corrugated metal sheets or plywood. It acts as the substrate for non-structural roof panels. Deflection ... Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is composed of rectangular-shaped wood strands which are cross-oriented, compressed..