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Only use a composite deck cleaning product designed to clean original . Test the product in a small inconspicuous area or preferably a left-over scrap to make sure it will not compromise the color of the deck beyond the "Natural Weathering". Keep in mind, goes through an inevitable bleaching, fading or weathering..

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Use 1.5 cups of TSP to every two gallons of warm water. Throw in a half cup of household bleach if there is an excessive amount of mold. If you are concerned about too strong of a mixture, start with only one cup of TSP and be sure to always use household bleach (commercial bleach is too strong).Wash down your deck..

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Fairfax VA's expert composite deck cleaners. Specializing in all composite . We use a mild detergent in our lower pressure system this will remove mold and mildew without cutting or marring the surface of a composite deck the way high pressure can. Because composite . Should I use bleach to clean my composite deck?Oxygen Bleach and Your Deck

Mar 9, 2012 . wood; composite materials including wood and plastic; vinyl; metal. oxygenbleachdeck.png All of these materials can be cleaned easily with powdered oxygen bleach that's dissolved in water. Don't fall into the trap of using chlorine bleach or a pressure washer when cleaning a wood deck. Chlorine bleach..

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Plastic decking can be scratched and will degrade with the use of bleach. . You may choose to use a pressure washer to spray the deck clean. . been proven effective in killing or removing molds on *porous surfaces such as composite decking and this fact is stated on the label directions of products like Clorox Bleach

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Aug 3, 2005 . See the links on the Corte Clean web site to OSHA, the EPA and Spore-Tech before using chlorine bleach on a POROUS surface like composite decking. Chlorine Bleach (sodium hypochlorite) like Clorox and Clorox Outdoor work best on NON-POROUS surfaces like ceramic sinks and showers for..

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Also, do NOT use bleach. I have the same problem with my composite deck. The green is driving me crazy. So much for minimal care! I will be waiting to see how it works. 2 · Reply. LandlightS Roswell, GA. on Jul 3, 2013. The info below comes from the is the link..just making it eaiser for you to read


The following photo is an example of what a composite deck looks like when sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in chlorine bleach, and common deck cleaners . The left side of the below photo shows how water magnifies mold stains, which have been exacerbated by the routine use of products containing sodium..

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May 25, 2012 . Using a pressure washer with high pressure or too closely will result in voiding the warranty. There are bleach-free deck washes available as well (ex: Corte-Clean Composite Deck Cleaner) that will also remove mold from . Regular cleanings will be necessary to keep mold from returning. Mold is an..

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The bleach, says, will remove the mold, but also could lighten the color of the boards. recommends these products for cleaning mold from composite decking: Olympic Deck Wash; Expert Chemical Composite Deck Cleaner & Enhancer. Apply these products to a dry deck. If you use them on a wet deck, they won't..

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Mar 9, 2012 . The more often you use Chlorine Bleach for mold remediation on composites, the more resistant the mold becomes to Chlorine Bleach, the faster it will grow back and the harder it will be to get clean, making the problem more difficult to keep the composite material clean in the future." Rate this post..