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Go green with your farm to make your horses healthier, the environment cleaner, and even improve the neighbors' opinion of your place. There's a lot of buzz about "going .. "People have creek crossings that are all torn up, and if you fence off the creeks, they will build you a creek crossing. There are quite a few resources..

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Not all types of fencing components are acceptable for a horse, and as a horse owner, it's important to keep your livestock safe and accounted for. . fence that cracks and shatters in the cold, or pops out when your horse knocks into it, Woodguard's polymer coated lumber will stand firmly against the harsh environment

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Because Derby Fence is made from HDPE you can fashion beautiful round riding pens and arenas. When you consider Derby Fence's beauty, durability, longevity and safety there is simply no better alternative for your horse fencing project. Backed by a 20 year warranty, Derby Fence is the smart, eco-friendly horse fencing..

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Oct 29, 2014 . Or perhaps you live in a very remote area surrounded by relatively safe terrain and extremely understanding neighbors. Also ask yourself what incentives your horse has to get to the other side of the fence. Are you trying to keep stallions separate from mares in heat? Are you separating long-lost buddies..

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Our vinyl fence products are much more environmentally friendly than their wood alternatives and they require virtually no maintenance and include a lifetime warranty

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With farm fencing, there's plenty to consider: Is electric fencing best? Should you choose woven wire or high-tensile? Here's how to make the best choice for your animals

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Equine perimeter fence is a premium, low-maintenance, eco-friendly composite fence. Get the look and feel of wood without the worries! Equine fencing is as durable as it is beautiful. It can withstand extreme temperatures (cold or hot) making it perfect for any climate. Equine fencing is insect resistant..

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Jan 22, 2012 . There is really no point is complaining about a security fence not be eco friendly, because it does an important job in keeping things safe. For instance, stock fences prevent horses, cows and sheep from wandering onto roads where they can easily cause an accident. In fact, it might even be considered..

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Horse fence can be one of the most attractive features of a horse facility. But not all fence is suitable for horses. Fencing is a major capital investment that should be carefully planned before construction. A fence should keep horses on the property and keep away nuisances such as dogs and unwanted visitors. Fences aid..

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Rubber fencing is crafted from recycled tires and conveyor belts, so it's also environmentally friendly. Not only are such fences cheap, they are easy to set up and are soft and yielding, making them safer for horses. One dback is the tendency for rubber fences to stretch and sag over time, especially in high heat

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Power Wizard solar fence chargers are effective for remote pastures with daily access to sun for at least four to six hours a day. A solar electric fence is environmentally friendly

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Whatever the fence is made of, it needs to be highly visible, resistant to damage by horses, durable, attractive and safe for contact by horses. .. fence controller, but a large amount of contact will eliminate its effectiveness as the charge is shorted to the earth through the vegetation

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The powder coated finishes on our horse fencing products are also environmentally friendly as powder . When you buy our . Garden Fencing: PVC Fence Posts & Bases - Pennine Fencing.PVC Fence Posts & Bases from Pennine Fencing . A wood grain effect plastic and environmentally friendly light alternative to a..

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Feb 20, 2018 . WHAT MAKES CENTAUR THE HORSE FRIENDLY FENCE . Centaur rail and coated wire fencing systems, combined with exclusive accessories, provide a safer environment for horses and peace of mind for their owners. Centaur also offers KleerFlex Door ; a brilliant solution for barn, shed, workshop..

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Nov 14, 2013 . Thirty years ago when I received a degree in Environmental Biology, I never anticipated being in the horse fencing industry. A fence was something in the neighbor's yard and horses were for horseback riding while on vacation. Recycling was just starting to gain momentum back then due to the growing..

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See below to find out more about what makes our vinyl products environmentally friendly: Manufacturing; Durability; Maintenance. Being associated with plastic that is not environment-friendly is a common misconception. Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC, the source of our vinyl) cannot be grouped into the overall Plastic Grouping..

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PVC vinyl horse fencing is a low maintenance, eco-friendly alternative to wood. It looks like classic white rail fencing, but requires way less maintenance. It's easy to install over varied terrain. It is nontoxic and 100% recyclable. Vinyl horse fencing does not corrode like steel fence or need any toxic chemical treatments to..

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RAMM PVC is environmentally friendly and will not contaminate the water or the soil. Due to the nature of PVC Vinyl fencing and the fact that it has no definite breaking capacity, we recommend it as a decorative fence around your yard, arena or driveway. If you choose to use PVC as horse fence containment, we HIGHLY..

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From dust suppressant and farm paint / fence paint, to custom equine lockers, custom horse jumps, and arena footing products and irrigation, we have you covered. Proud to have the highest . ESI Clear-Ride Arena Dust Control is a safe, eco-friendly solution for arena dust control on existing footings. ESI Clear-Ride is an..

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EquiSafe offers the highest quality fencing that is safe, environmentally friendly, secure, unique and long lasting. We have provided superior service to equestrians for over 30 years, holding an esteemed reputation in the industry for safety and standards. Our fences are maintenance-free and designed for the horse's safety