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Jun 6, 2017 . Most PT decking is milled from southern yellow pine, and then chemically treated to resist rot, fungus and wood-boring bugs. The two most common sizes of treated . The downside of PT lumber is that it's not very dimensionally stable, so it has a tendency to crack, split and warp. And routine maintenance is..

Rain Soaked Framing Lumber - Ask the BuilderAsk the Builder Wet or rain-soaked framing lumber will not rot in a matter of days. Homeowners often worry that the wood is ruined if the house gets wet during construction

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Nov 11, 2013 . Typically, the stresses in the flanges of a TJI joist (and along the top and bottom edge of a 2x floor joist) are highest in the middle of a span and lowest at the . TJI joists, Microllam LVL, TimberStrand LSL and non-treated Parallam PSL will suffer comparable performance degradation (and eventual rot) as..

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Engineered Wood. Pros: This experiences fewer moisture problems associated with conventional hardwood since its plywood layers are made to block water. In fact, this floor can go in basements when regular hardwoods can't. Cons: It's still made of organic components, so it's not impervious to mold and rot

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The first thing to mention is that your wood floor's polyurethane coating is specifically intended to keep water and dirt from ever touching the wood. Although even the most durable polyurethane coatings are not fully water proof, keeping the protective layer in good shape is the best defense against water damaging your..

Engineered Flooring - Moisture Measurement is Crucial

Although an engineered floor can, in many situations, be a better choice than a solid wood floor, it is not perfect. For instance, complications may occur after installation due to undesirable moisture and relative humidity (RH) levels in both the engineered product and the concrete sub-floor. In addition, despite the fact that..

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Over Notching or Not Jacking Enough. Generally, newer home floor joists are made from 2x8s or new engineered 'I-beams.' Older homes, however, may have 2x6s instead. While it is a good idea to replace rotted material with 2x8s, it may require some notching to fit between the sub floor and ledger board. It is very easy to..

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Engineered wood floors are easy to install and resistant to moisture, making them a great alternative to traditional hardwood floors. Use these . The tar paper will form a moisture barrier, which will prevent any condensation from the floors below, which could potentially rot away at the underside of your new wood flooring

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Dec 13, 2011 . And in today's real estate market, most of us are being ever mindful of home values. The typical buyer of an old or historic home is expecting hardwood floors. Maintenance-free tile is not a selling point for these kind of houses. And while a click-lock engineered wood or laminate floor may be considered an..

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foot breaks through the floor in their kitchen nook. Beyond the . plywood, oriented-strand-board, and engineered wood products. . the site of the decay. The key to preventing rot fungi is to control the presence of moisture inside the wood. Termites, subterranean and Formosan, also threaten the structural integrity of wood..

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Oct 3, 2012 . The house was about 20 years old and there was no history of moisture problems. But there was so much moisture in this floor that when I broke one of the finish bubbles, water squirted out! The back of the wood was moist to the touch and turning black-it was literally rotting in place. Readings taken with a..

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Mar 15, 2016 . Stepping through the floor was not the first hint that it had rotted out, but it sure moved the floor repair up on the priority list for a house with plenty of remodel projects to do. . The wood destroying fungi will continue to grow if not removed, and anything the subfloor system supports will be vulnerable

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Mar 9, 2012 . Q. I'm getting ready to build a large room addition that needs a beam to support the floor joists. I've been told that a . First, let me tell you that I am not a structural engineer, although I have worked with many and installed the beams they've designed. The good . Water can rust steel and rot wood. You can..

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A photo Catalog of types of damage to different wood floor materials Description of repair approaches for damaged wood floors Buckled wood flooring due to leaks or high moisture Cupped wood floorboards, convex & concave floor cupping Gaps between floor boards or parquet flooring - cause/cure Rotted wood flooring;..

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However, due to the fact that the assembly adhesives limit the penetration of chemicals typically used to treat outdoor-rated lumber, LVL may not be suitable for outdoor load-bearing use. A deck built using pressure-treated LVL collapsed due to internal rotting of the twelve-year-old LVL components, although the LVL beams..