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Inspector says we need railings on our porch steps. (California)

Aug 14, 2014 . At the final inspection , the inspector said "you rebuilt the porch, you need handrails on each side of the steps". ARRGGHH . Need ideas so #1 it doesn't look like some cheesy add-on and #2 it doesn't make the porch feel like a playpen. ... Years later I found a crazy Inspector trespassing into my backyard

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New stairways must be at least 36 inches wide from wall to wall above the handrail (except spiral stairs . If you are building a new standard residential stairway (not a spiral), each step (or riser) can't be more than . Any exterior entry/exit door must have a landing at least 3' x 3' inside the door before there can be a step

Installing an outdoor railing on the steps of your home or business .

Extend Stair Rails The handrails for exterior stairs typically end at the bottom step. But stepping off the bottom step (or preparing to step up on it) is actually when someone is the most off balance(Step House Loft). Find this Pin and more on DYI by catty350. Make a Home Safe for Older Folks. Do not like ends sticking out..

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14. Cut stair treads from composite decking; screw the treads to the stringers. 15. Install a welded-steel handrail, making sure it's between 34 and 38 inches above the nose of the stair tread. 16. Assemble a composite railing system, which includes a handrail and balusters, to fit alongside the welded-steel handrail

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Outdoor Handrail for the Front Steps. Outdoor Stair Railing. Rob, from Florida, installed this L160 Simple Rail handrail on the front steps of his home. You can see from the smile on his face how easy it was to install this handrail. He had the railing painted to compliment the exterior of his home. The railings can be painted..

Maximum number of stairs allowed before handrail is required .

Oct 28, 2014 . [Image Can Not Be Found] Posted by Stephanie Benning. Exterior steps, concrete. For a commercial office building that has other access points (including accessible routes). How many steps are allowed before a handrail is required? Or is a handrail required no matter the amount of steps put in place?Residential Exterior Stair - Humboldt County, Nevada

Make sure that the size of the risers and treads are consistent with no more than 3/8 deviation between . nosing of the tread is the front edge of the step. . Handrail. Termination. 12' max. w/o landing. 36 min. depth. RESIDENTIAL EXTERIOR STAIR. IRC SECTIONS R311 & R312. 1. Stairways and landings shall be not..