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Jan 29, 2018 . But when I started googling balustrade designs on Friday, I came across an article on The Old House Guy all about porch railings heights, styles, building . Then they added the porch railing, which looks to be 36 inches high (i.e., the height required by building code if your front porch requires a railing)

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For a more traditional and substantial appearance, we highly recommend installing Subrail beneath Handrail. Subrail greatly facilitates the installation process, allowing hidden hardware. It also gives the Balustrade a more expensive look at relatively little extra cost. The photo at left shows a very traditional and professional..

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Check an older photo, then remove this "box" and watch the original porch reappear. When made of wood, columns and railings often appear somewhat deteriorated due to dirt and the build-up of old layers of paint. Often, just stripping the wood, priming it with a high-quality oil-based..

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And housing styles popularized in the construction boom after World War II often omitted front porches all together as backyard patios became the focus of private outdoor activities. Finally in the ... To preserve historic fabric, the repair of old balustrades and railings is always the preferred approach. A broken baluster..

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May 17, 2017 . The porch columns posed an obstacle. Although the wood columns and the boards beneath them had rotted, the column bases had previously been replaced with a composite material and remained in sound shape. I also strongly recommend removing the old flooring and installing new flooring up to a..

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May 25, 2016 . Website article: You can help to support quality content by pledging a small am. . This beats the hell out of those old home improvement TV shows that make everything look way easier and faster than reality. I love your..

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Sep 20, 2014 . Marilyn Monroe's head looks like a porch designed by the building code inspector. Doesn't the house in the picture above left look like there's a baby crib attached to the front? This porch railing needs to be shrunk back down. Both the porch railing and Marilyn Monroe's head appear abnormal. Beauty is..

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May 6, 2014 . This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to build deck stairs. (See below for tools and a shopping list.) Click here to SUBSCRIBE to the offi..

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Apr 15, 2015 . Porch flooring and wood decking have a lot in common, even though it's customary to use tongue-and-groove boards on a porch rather than lumber laid with a . Plain connecting elements, like porch rails, should be sloped on either side to shed water. . The key lies within the small construction details

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Oct 24, 2016 . Here's a simple way to repair a damaged wood porch rail using a couple of plywood forms, clamps, and some auto body filler. . To repair the damaged wood, first I created two plywood forms and clamped them on the top and bottom of the rail. Then, using a . Installing spindles in composite porch railing

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Nail or screw the spindles in from the bottom of the rail (Image 1), then repeat on the top rail with the same spacing. Reuse the top hand rail and connect the balustrade to the columns using 2 1/2 inch galvanized finish nails, or stainless steel screws. Use the two-part polyester wood filler as needed to patch any holes (Image..

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Mar 7, 2015 . and the result was a brand spanking new railing, a major, beautiful step in the process of rebuilding our formerly dry-rot-infested front porch from Hell. Originally, by the time we reached this stage, we assumed we would just put the old railing back up and -- poof -- easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? Lakewood Design Brief: Porch Railings - The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Department for permit and approval requirements. or 216.529.6630. Porch railings are important. The porch . of the design character of porches. Repairing an Original. Railing. Original Lakewood railings are old growth wood, which makes them more durable than the wood bought today. Original..

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Building New Porch Steps - Installing Posts And Stair Stringers. We attached decorative turned newel posts to 4' long pieces of 4x4 treated lumber, then joined the posts with a 2x6 to make a giant "H" shape that we set in concrete. Then we installed stair stringers to..

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Looking around the neighborhood you want a substantial top rail, and not a compromised/cutdown, and thus thin 2x4 wannabe top railing. So I did nothing for a few years, until my 2 year old fell of the porch (only a few feet down, but ended up losing his 2 front bottom teeth). So the time had come to do something. A relative..

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Apr 4, 2017 . Give your deck a sleek, contemporary update by installing aluminum balusters also referred to as aluminum deck railing. Step-by-step video and post by . The old cap rail was nailed in place, so we used a small, short-handled sledgehammer and a wrecking bar to loosen and remove it. If you're doing this..