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Install a Ground-level deck over a concrete patio

Courtesy Fiberon Decking. Do you need to replace a broken, ugly, stained concrete patio? Don't spend thousands of dollars (or break your own back) having it demolished. Instead, install a ground-level deck right over it! But first, you will need to install a sleeper system. Learn what it is, why you need it, and how to install it

Deck Can Be Built Over Concrete Patio Using Frame Base .

Jun 30, 1989 . I`m looking for a solution that would not mean breaking up and removing the concrete. Could a wood deck be built over the patio? A-The usual way to build a deck over a patio is to attach wood sleepers or strips to the surface of the concrete to serve as a fastening structure for the decking. Pressure-treated..

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Deck tiles are the answer to your DIY decking needs. They're so easy . guests will love. The best part is that you can lay deck tiles over existing wood deck or concrete floor no preparation necessary. . Deck tiles are easy to install, require no tools or experience, and can be installed over any flat and dry surface. Tiles are..

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio Slab: The Low Down on .

Mar 28, 2007 . How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance. . Even if we removed the austere concrete slab, the patio door threshold was barely above grade. But because of his persistence his patio . This is mainly to keep the joists running parallel during installation of the decking. There are a..

Composite Decking over a Concrete Porch Gives a Backyard New .

Feb 9, 2018 . If clearances are smaller, then it becomes more difficult to build a deck over concrete. If the height of the door threshold that leads out to the slab is fewer than three inches, then building a platform for the deck boards requires rippingsawing boards lengthwiseto make a frame at the right height. This is a..

Reinforced concrete slab systems on steel decks

p rovide neat fitting end laps and the whole . Reinforced concrete slab systems on steel decks. Decking can serve as form, shoring and finished surface. 18 gage. 20 gage. 22 gage. Slab. Thickness, . sustain the weight of the fresh concrete plus a construction live load of 20 pounds per square foot without exceeding an

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Apr 6, 2001 . There are two basic steps in Deck Over Concrete construction: attach. Construction Heart or Deck Heart redwood 2x4 sleepers to the concrete slab; and nail 2x4 or 2x6 Construction Heart or Deck Heart decking to the sleepers. Measure and trim as you build for the best results. Use only non-corrosive

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How to build a deck over a concrete slab. . Here are some useful tips when using the KlevaKlip Adjustable Joist Support to build decks over concrete. Please Check out this detailed .. We quite often find that people have miscalculated the number of adjustable joist support required for their decking area. We believe the..

Advice for the construction of wooden decking/Novlek

The joists play a structural role, as mechanical support and fastening for the wooden decking. The joists are arranged in the direction of the height of the section, i.e., the short side of the section is horizontal and rests on the supports. The peripheral frame is made up of edge joists. During installation, avoid the joist remaining..

Engineered Mezzanine Decking Panels Vs Concrete Flooring .

"The flooring system offered a substantial savings over elevated concrete platforms, which was the only real alternative for this project. The levelness of this floor (plus or minus 1/8" across 222,000sqft continuous surface) is just not something that we can normally produce with concrete". "The speed of installation..

Installing IPE over concrete porch - Houzz

Jul 12, 2010 . I plan on using a hammer drill with tapcons and liquid nails to secure them to the concrete. By going perpendicular, any snow or rain that does hit the floor should run off the porch (it does grade away). I then plan on getting 1x6 ipe deck boards and attaching them with 1 1/4 stainless steel scews to the joists..