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Well as yearlings will do one of them managed to rear up and jam its front leg right down in the fence between the top and second rail. However because this fence was polymer and not board the horse just hopped around a little bit and jerked his leg out with not a scratch on it, and no breaks it was basically a non-event

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The best and safest flexible rail horse fence for your horse fencing needs! . Installation Guide Page. Installation Guides can be your best source of information and answers for your . After pairing out your line, take one end and affix it to the posts with 1 1/2 inch barbed fencing staples hammering down into the polymer

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Jul 24, 2011 . I really enjoy learning about horses in general, but especially fencing and what others have to say about fencing and fencing materials. Friend and MyHorse Daily contributor Cynthia Foley is also the editor of Horse Journal, a really great publication that has very factual horse information that I find really..

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Use these fence comparisons to find a system that best suits the needs of you and your horse. The costs listed are for fence options only. They DO NOT include posts, hardware, or accessories. When calculating costs, keep in mind the number of lines or rails you will use. For example, Hotcote wire is just $0.125 per foot, but..

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A good fence may make a good neighbor, but not if it fades, warps and becomes an eyesore. That's why attractive, low-maintenance fencesmade of vinyl, aluminum, steel and compositeshave become so popular. Aside from an occasional washing, these fences require no upkeepthat means no scraping, painting or..

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Bayco Finishline Fencing is the original and only warranted horse fence of its kind. Don't be . So whether you pick T-Posts, Wood Posts or Vinyl, Finishline Fencing will look beautiful and safely contain your horses and other livestock. . Polymer fence does not rust, rot, or corrode and will not cut or injure your animals

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This fencing consists of one or more high-tensile wires encased in a solid polymer or vinyl ranging in height up to a five-inch-high band. . For those who must keep their horses in barbed wire paddocks, Harper suggests the following for added safety: replacing the top wire, covering it with a plank on the inside, or stringing..

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wire on the top or bottom position of your rail. With the addition of electric properties, Hot Rail is simply the strongest, safest, and most attractive electric rail fence on the market. Exclusive hot rail revolutionizes Electric. Fencing for horses. Don't make a bad situation worse! Conductive. Polymer. 12.5 Gauge. High-Tensile

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A high-tensile fence with top "rail." Tensioning devices are covered to protect horses from cuts and to allow the fence to be "dropped" quickly if a horse becomes entangled. One type of fence has the appearance of a rail fence but is actually a wire fence called a "high-tensile polymer fence." The "rails" consist of vinyl plastic 4..

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Horserail is a product line of coated rail and wire fence that has the aesthetics of post and rail (board), with the added features and benefits of safety, appearance, and flexibility

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Polymer coated wood rail fencing has been our number one best seller because it addresses all key points. horse fencing, equine fencing, ferris fencing, system fencing, gardner fence, cf. Photo (above): Polymer coated wood rail fencing has a solid wood core treated with organic certified borate for protection against dry..

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Derby's unique thick-walled construction makes our HDPE Equine Ranch Fences the sturdiest and safest of all polymer fences available on the market. Thick side walls and internal ribs add strength and firmness to our HDPE horse fence products and eliminate the need for, and cost of, internal reinforcement with other..

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Shop horse fencing options at CAMEO fencing, inc. Safe for your horses - low maintenance, affordable, easy to install. Ready to ship. Call Today 800-822-5426

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. cattle fence option above that you are interested in for more information. Having ProFence install your fencing means that you will never have to worry about the quality of fencing materials or proper installation. With our years of experience in cattle fencing, we will consult with you for free on what the best fencing options..

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One type of fence that has the appearance of a rail fence, but is actually a wire fence is called a high-tensile polymer fence. The "rails" consist of vinyl plastic 4 to 6 inches wide with two to three high-tensile steel wires encased. It is less expensive than a rail fence, is very strong, and has a nice appearance and good visibility,..

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PRODUCTS. Centaur rail and coated wire fencing systems, combined with exclusive accessories, provide a safer environment for horses and peace of mind for their owners. Centaur also offers KleerFlex Door ; a brilliant solution for barn, shed, workshop and rehabilitation area doorways

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When horses are an important part of your life, you want a fence specifically designed to be safer. Centaur's proprietary system utilizes HTP , our exclusive cross-linked polymer technology, to create an incredibly strong and flexible fence. Each rail is installed in a continuous length, allowing impact to be absorbed by the..

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Oct 10, 2003 . From 5" rail made of three wires encased in polymer to single polymer-coated strands, to electrified coated wire, the choices for horse owners are virtually limitless. Often, horse owners choose to make the top wire of fence electrified to discourage horses from leaning on the top of the fence. High tensile wire..

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Oct 31, 2014 . Advantages: Polymer line is virtually maintenance-free, and doesn't lose tension from -40 degrees F up through 122 degrees F. The fencing is lightweight, making installation easy, and its high break strength makes it an effective barrier. Best of all, Polymer line releases if a horse becomes entangled in the..

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The flexibility built into the fence will allow most charging animals to bounce relatively harmlessly back with far less injury than either wood fence or high tensile wires (not to mention the polymer rail prevents any cutting or slicing). The best part? Centaur rail fencing looks just like the most beautiful wood horse fence of the..

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Oct 29, 2014 . Whether you're building a new fence or upgrading an existing one, this new system will help you make the best choices. . of fence), pipe/tube ($8-14) and mesh ($5.20-10) and polyethylene-coated treated wood ($6-12), to wood board ($3.50-8.50) and flexible polymer-covered wire rails ($1.80-10 or more)..